About Us: The Family

About Us

The Wife & Mommy: Ali
Likes: Guacamole, traveling, attempting to speak Spanish, educating children, scrapbooking, photography, writing, listening to music, dancing, being with family & friends, hiking in the PNW, reading historical fiction and nonfiction books, trying new things, being a mom!

Dislikes: Fruit fillings, coffee, industrial food industry, politics, religious proselytizing, fishing electrical wires.

The hubster & Daddy: Phil

Likes: Cheesecake, pie, his moms baking & cooking, electrical stuff, the way things work, beer (IPA's), pubs, San Diego, being a Dad!

Dislikes: Whiners, cold and grey weather, lazy people, politicians

The couple: Phil & Ali

Likes: Hiking, home projects, exploring new places, enjoying good bottles of wine, snuggling Micah and Charlie, West Seattle, being practical, making people laugh, saving the planet one bit at a time
Dislikes: Super conservative and religious lifestyles, close minded people, materialism and consumerism

The Little Guy: Micah

Likes: Trucks, Trains, Digging, Swimming, Face Time with Grandparents & Aunts & Uncles, the word "quickie"

Dislikes: Sleeping by himself, being in the carseat too long,

The Dog: Charlie

Likes: socks, underwear, treats, sleeping in a big pile, having his ears rubbed, sniffing butts, getting other dogs to chase him, his orange squishy ball, dog parks

Dislikes: unfamiliar noises, long car rides, construction noises