Seattle by the Sound

We moved here for multiple reasons
#1: It's similar to San Francisco in many ways, but not too far away from Idaho
#2: We both had family living in the area
#3: We both already had best friends living here
#4: We both knew that our job prospects & pay would be better
#5: It's gorgeous (Mt. Rainier, the Cascades, the Olympics, the Puget Sound, the lakes, the cityscape)
#6: It's super close to a large airport, which means California is not too far away (beats the Spokane airport)
#7: Highly educated & also a very diverse population
#8: Wine culture, Beer culture, coffee culture, sports culture (major league teams & college), artistic culture
#9: The outdoors are valued, appreciated, prioritized, & easy to access
#10: The area has limitless day trip & weekend trip possibilities

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