Our Love Story

Our love story has been quite the journey...figuratively and literally. Girl sees boy in a bar. Girl can't believe he works at same hotel as she for surely she has noticed all good looking employees already. Boy thinks girl is a "close talker". Not so love at first sight. But, boy and girl and friends hang out here and there for almost a year and the flirtatious grow and grow. Chemistry boils. Attraction becomes magnetic. Girl scolds boy for missing her birthday party. Boy shuts her up with a kiss. The rest is history as they say. But, history is boring without some details, so here's a little more to the story. Boy takes girl on first date (to cheesy Mexican restaurant with horrible wait staff and girls impression and understanding and bewilderment for boy grows. Girl has never met anyone so different and. Multidimensional. Boy and girl date and enjoy San Diego's attractions (the beach, Balboa Park and museums, baseball games, etc.). Girls family flocks to their hotel for her graduation and boy hides from.meeting the family (it was only two weeks into the whole thing after all!). Girl goes on vacation. Boy goes on vacation. Boy and girl awkwardly give each other titles and become official. A month goes by. Girl goes on another vacation. Boy decides to move back home to Idaho with his best friends. Surprisingly this doesn't phase girl. After nine months of long distance and an acceptance to a Masters in Teaching program girl moves up to Idaho Eastern Washington. Boy and girl begin their lives together.

Needless to say I am beyond thankful for the Lodge at Torrey Pines. It was a great place to work, but mostly it will always be a favorite place of mine because it is where Phil and I met. After we moved in together in Liberty Lake, Washington life just continued to bless us. Phil grew up in the area since he was twelve, so living there was home for him with all of his friends. Living there was an adventure for me and I went to the greatest grad school program at Whitworth. But, alas, after two years this big city California girl needed to move on (and we decided to find more lucrative job opportunities),  we thus packed up, moved to Seattle and then immediately flew to the Bay Area to get married. Thats right, Phil had proposed to me after about a year of living together. He must have felt like he owed me something since I moved to Idaho for him!
Our wedding itself was perfect! We got married at The Hotel Valencia in San Jose, CA (my hometown is right smack in between San Jose and San Francisco) in a Modern/Jewish/Ecofriendly wedding. We had amazing vendors, a beautiful ceremony, and an awesome party. The reception ended at midnight, but our after party ended when we realized everyone else had gone to bed and we were the last ones partying at 4am! It was so wonderful to have our family and friends celebrate with us and to finally have the world recognize the level and strength of our relationship. The following are the amazing vendors whom I would recommend whole heartedly since their kindness and details made the day/weekend/planning process smooth and unforgettable! 
Coordinator: Ginny Sukenik of GS Special Events http://www.gsspecialevents.com/
Photographer: Nicole Goddard www.nicolegoddard.com
Flowers: Anemone Handmade Paper Flowers http://www.handmadepaperflowers.com/
DJ/guitar: Spencer Sutherland http://www.sutherlandmusic.com/
Cake: A Piece of Cake Bakery http://www.apieceofcakebakery.com/Welcome.html
Dress: Marcella's Bridal http://marcellasbridal.com/

Photos by Nicole Goddard

Photos by Nicole Goddard

Our six plus years here in Seattle (West Seattle to be exact) have been fulfilling. In spring of 2008 we left our teeny little basement apartment on Alki Beach (that I loved and Phil hated. The beach was our front yard! Yet to Phil's credit a parking lot was our headboard which didn't boast well for good sleep). We bought our two bed one bath house and small updates turned into large ones....but that's another story. We aren't one of those couples who get super crazy about traditions and anniversaries (I mean crazy in a good way if that is you!). We did not save the top layer of wedding cake, we've never celebrated the anniversary of when we met or started dating. So we continue to keep our wedding anniversaries low key.

Our first anniversary we celebrated with Phil running his first half marathon and we took a last minute trip to Kuaii.

On our second anniversary we both ran the half marathon and I convinced Phil to go with me to a Jewel concert.

For our third one we must have been so focused on starting the remodel that it must have looked something like this:

And on our fourth anniversary we celebrated with all three of our parents since it was Phil's graduation from his electrical apprenticeship.

Our fifth anniversary we went big with a wonderful staycation at the Cedarbrook Lodge and dinner at their amazing restaurant, Copperleaf. I wrote a really long letter to my husband and asked him to write something to me. When he didn't, I laughed it off as an "oh well, it was worth a shot" and got over it. That's us. No frills, no drama, no over-the-top romance.

Our sixth anniversary was while we were on vacation with family in Vail, Colorado. While the family looked after Micah, we had fun renting cruiser bikes and eating an amazing meal!

As you can see we don't really have a bring home flowers and bust out the expensive gifts kind of love story. It's super cliche but we really truly do focus on the day to day small stuff to show our love for each other. And love each other we do!

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