About Us: The Blog

Growing Sound Roots is a local and sustainable lifestyle blog providing a balanced perspective on parenting, home decor and day to day life. 

We began Growing Sound Roots to document the process of our home remodel along with our adventures near the Puget Sound (as transplants from Colorado/Idaho and California, we offer an outsider turned insider perspective). As life's priorities tend to change, so did the focus of this blog moving towards all things child development and how to navigate life with a baby or toddler in tow. 

The constant thread throughout each post is our practical attitude and desire to live life intentionally, frugally, respectfully and fully engaged in each moment and relationship. 

Thanks for stopping by our little neck of the web. Seriously. We are very appreciative. I think I'll go grab a glass of vino and not do major DIY perfectionistic stressing about something else, just so I can truly soak up the significance of your attention. You are awesome and appreciated. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! 

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