Monday, May 8, 2017

Leilah at Three Months

This month Leilah:
  • has began to develop arm control and is starting to grab on to things like her light up rattle
  • has a stronger head and neck. Although she doesn't enjoy much tummy time, she is very strong when lifted up.
  • enjoys bath time
  • drank her first bottles while Gramma Susan babysat four half days that mommy worked (to practice for an upcoming certification in June)
  • hasn't been much of a fan of the Ergo carrier
  • slept 6.5 hours fairly regularly at night
  • smiles a lot at her parents, big brother, grandparents, and even strangers 
  • has been in 3 month and 3-6 month clothes for almost the whole last month
  • only pooped about once a week for three weeks
  • had her 1st Passover, 1st Easter, and 1st tulip festival
  • had her first round trip flight to Oakland and back. She was awake most of the first flight, but did fine and on the way back she ate and slept half the way.
  • was given her Hebrew/Arabic name at a joint baby naming with Norah Seif (6 days older). Her name is Shoshana Kelela. Shoshana means Susan (Phil's mother and my mom's best friend who was like another mother to me) and also translates to Lily (a beautiful flower and the name of Phil's grandmother who just passed away and was one of the strongest toughest women I've ever known). Kelela is my best friend Jennifer's Hebrew name (turns out it is actually Arabic) and I hope that Leilah grows up to be a strong Jewish woman like her Auntie Jen.

Big brother had to get in on the action too :-)

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