Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Micah at 4 and a half!

Half birthday cupcake!

 This last half a year in Micah's life he:
  • Is very observant
  • Listens to everything especially when you don't want him to
  • Has a sense of humor and likes to try to make people laugh
  • Loves singing and dancing
  • Reads picture books with such detail and variety of language as well as precision of known language from familiar texts
  • Favorite song: Uptown Funk
  • Favorite dance move: jump wiggle then "break dance"
  • Eats breads, quesadillas, ground beef and cheese tacos, pepperoni cheese pizza, smoothies, juices, cereal and granola, noodles with Parmesan cheese, crackers and cheese, chips,  bars, some nuts and raisins
  • He would eat energy or granola bars for every meal if possible
  • Loves preschool at the YMCA with Teacher Tiffany and Teacher Jamila
  • Best friends: Yaseen, Alex, Liam, Timmy, Alex and Espen, and Isaac
  • Went back to taking a nap at preschool (and makes for challenging and late bedtime. We start around 7:30ish and he reads to himself after we read to him until about 9 or 9:30)
  • Counts to 29 on his own and to 100 with assistance on the 10s
  • Plays war with playing cards and is pretty good with the more and less concept
  • Has authored and illustrated three or four books
  • Loves traveling and is a good traveler
  • Had many travel adventures included San Carlos, Twain Harte
  • Participated in the now famous Women's March
  • Enjoyed many hours building legos on his own and with Daddy or other family members
  • Loved crafting each month with his Koala Crate crafts and loved new books from his Reading Bug Box subscription
  • Loved getting to hold other babies like Odin, Isaac's brother
  • Enjoyed many hikes with Mommy and Daddy
  • Was hoping for and asking for a little brother or sister. Then when we told him we were pregnant he was so excited. He would kiss the baby in mommys tummy and talk to the baby. When baby sister arrived, he was so loving.
  • Has had lots of colds and coughs
  • Did swim lessons at school
  • Did two months of sports sampler at school
  • Loves Sunday school each week in Seattle with Mora Sarah
  • Continues weekly gymnastics with Coach Pele
  • Likes to use the word "actually" a lot
  • Recently began lots of potty talk with everything being about poop, farts, toots, and butts
  • Favorite tv shows: Wild Kratts, Nature cat
  • Is obsessed with Star Wars and we watched all three of the first movies as a family.
  • Is speedy on his balance bike.
cool dude with Giants lace up shoes

Hanging at the Burke Museum

San Francisco streets


At his preschool cubby

Helped Mom and Dad vote
Storm Trooper for Halloween with Yassein, Alex, Chloe, and Timmy (not pictured)

Big boy at the Horsey tree in Twain Harte

Pancakes with powdered sugar!

Helping get ready for baby sister to come

Singing and dancing this year in his school performance

His idea to make a star of David shield

A Koala Crate craft

New Years Eve with Alex and Espen

Animal adventures

No fear in the bounce houses anymore

Collecting at the pumpkin patch

Micah found our Xmas tree this year

With baby Odin on Xmas Eve

Xmas Day at the Gum wall


Family photo shoot. Photo cred: Haley

Raising a feminist just like his parents

New sister snow storm day!

Loving baby Leilah
Dinner with best bud Yassein
Nightly ritual of reading to himself. Sometimes he falls asleep this way.

Books and Paw Patrol at Chaco Canyon Cafe

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