Thursday, April 6, 2017

Leilah at Two Months

This month Leilah:

  • Has had really bad baby acne all over her face and head and neck although it's clearing up now. We hope it is not a sign of her teenage years, poor girl!
  • Started tracking us better.
  • Is growing more hair back (it was in a nice mullet fashion)... still looks redish.
  • Is sleeping 3-4 hour chunks at night and did a 7 hour sleep the other night!
  • Started smiling when you make kissing noises in front of her or when she sees those black and white animal cards
  • Is mostly so calm and just stares out the window on car trips or stroller rides.
  • When upset in the car, can be calmed by Micah's favorite Elana Jagoda song
  • Got to visit with her Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew. Aunt Cassie was the baby whisperer and had good luck with calming Leilah
  • Started PEPS (program for early parent support) group at temple with Mommy
  • started Stroller Strides with Mommy 3-4 days a week
  • Went on a family adventure day trip to Vashon Island
  • Had lots of time with Mommy since Daddy worked a lot of ten hour days and a few Saturdays
  • Got a lot of cuddles and kisses from Micah
  • Slept through the Purim Carnival
  • Visited Mommy's work friends at McMicken (The Lion King performance) and Hilltop (for a fun baby shower)

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