Sunday, March 12, 2017

Turn Up The Music 12/31 #sol17

“Turn the music up guys! Louder! Louder!” He begs from the back seat of our car.
“I can still hear the baby crying!”
His dad and I chuckle. “Bud, turning the music up will not drown out your sister’s cries. You will still be able to hear her. And we are not too far from home.”
He shrugs and starts focusing on the new toys he won at the Purim Carnival this morning.

This is really the first time that my little big boy has seems in the slightest bit inconvenienced or annoyed by his little baby sister. He has been so amazing and we are already on week five! He insists upon being at every diaper change to help and every day he gives her lots of kisses on her head and on her little feet before and after school and before bed. Big brother has been so helpful at fetching things for me, like more water, when I’m feeding his sister. He even wrote a how to book to help others know all about babies and what to do with them. I’ve been so impressed with his kind heart and helpful soul. I knew he would make a great big brother and it truly is exciting watching him ease into the role so naturally.

We shall see how their relationship changes as they both grow older and especially as she becomes mobile. If he can keep his Legos out of reach, we should be all good!

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