Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time Out at School 29/31 #sol17

"I didn't go in time out today!" Our normally well behaved child randomly announced last night. "When have you gone to time out bud?" we asked. Maybe he went there the day before when his teacher casually let me know that he had a hard time listening that day. She didn't mention anything about time out though. "Was it the other day when Teacher Tiffany talked to me?" He didn't respond for a while and when he did, he let us know in a slow way, "well, it's kind of a long story." 
This is when good parents would hide their laughter and would pry the story out of him, yet that was definitely not what we did. My husband and I both laughed and seeing that we thought this was a funny thing for him to say, our son chuckled too and said, "well, that's what some people say!" Ha! He pays attention to people's conversations and to the language of books so well it's sometimes scary! We didn't really end up getting the full story and instead just focused on ways to help listen better or language to tell the teacher if she calls on him like "May I have a minute to think about it please?" Hopefully we will not be hearing about any more time out situations any time soon. 

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