Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Color Red 8/31 #sol17

I wish I would have at least worn red today.
I woke up and stared into my closet,
Fully aware that the only red I would find would be a 49ers shirt or two.
How do I not have a red shirt!?
Of all the colors I’m ever asked to wear to support a cause, it is red!
For some reason I still have this notion that developed in middle school that redheads don’t look good in red.
I know it’s ridiculous, yet old philosophies die hard I guess.
So, when it’s “Wear red for ed” or now “wear red for international women’s day”,
I am left staring in my closet kicking myself for refusing to purchase anything red!
I vow now that the next time I am out shopping, I will find something red to wear so that the next significant day that comes along, I will be prepared!

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