Sunday, March 19, 2017

Leilah at One Month

*A little belated post...

This month Leilah:
  • gained so much weight! She was already back up to birth weight at one week old! By her one month appointment (at five weeks) she was already 90th percentile for height (22") and weight (11lbs 1oz)!
  • has been a pretty decent sleeper! We are on three hour cycles, which means we usually are up to feed around 11pm, 2am, 5am or so. She eats in about 10 to 20 minutes and then we are usually right back to sleep. She has been able to be put down in her dock a tot (a little bed that essentially has bumpers around it that we put in between us in bed) the first cycle or two of sleep and then for the last cycle she usually sleeps on my chest. 
  • has been a very sleepy girl during the day. When she is awake she is very calm and quiet. I am able to recognize when she is done eating and when she just wants to suck for soothing reasons and so she has been able to take a pacifier now and then. So so different from her big brother in that way!
  • enjoys the little black and white animal cards that I put up near her changing table and occasionally makes little talking noises while there. She lets me shower while she hangs out on the changing table.
  • has been pretty easy during diaper changes since her big brother Micah insists on helping at each one. He passes us the new diapers and makes sure he can see the status of each wet or soiled diaper. We have had her in disposable diapers since the day that we attempted to use our cloth diapers on her, her skin got really red. That was a sign to us that there was still mineral build up from when Micah used them and that we needed to strip them. That was left on the to do list for a while. 
  • gave up on swaddling (with the exception of the first week or so) and she seems to sleep just fine without it.
  • had her first bath while Aunt Beth and Uncle Benj were here the night before her one month birthday.  
  • had done tummy time a few times already on her play mat and she hasn't hated it! She has lasted quiet a while and is starting to strengthen her little neck! 
  • had a rotation of helpers to stay with us in the first month. Nana, Papa, and Gramma were all here with us during Leilah's first three days of life before they all returned to their own homes. Phil stayed home from work for just her first full week, so we ended up having four days of just the four of us. Then Gramma Susan came to stay with us for a week, which was helpful especially because she took Micah to preschool each morning and picked him up each afternoon. The following week was Nana's midwinter break, so she came to stay with us and help. Then Papa came for three days. They all got lots of snuggle time with Leilah and play time with big brother and were all super helpful! Finally at the end of her first month Aunt Beth and Uncle Benj came to visit for three days and cooked a couple yummy meals.
  •  has been on many adventures this month (mostly errands, doctors appointments, preschool and gymnastics for big brother). We did venture on the ferry for a day trip to Bainbridge Island with Nana and she's been joining Phil and I on our vegan donut date and Sunday school drop off since two weeks old. The rabbi's and Sunday school staff were pretty impressed that we were already out and about! I was getting a little stir crazy though! 
  • has done lots of FaceTime with Aunty Jen, Uncle Alan, and cousins Sarah and Norah (who was born a week before her!)
  • has seen snow, rain...lots and lots of rain, hail, frost and even a bit of sunshine!
  • went for a few neighborhood walks in the stroller or the wrap.
  • hasn't minded her carseat! Another major difference from her big brother!
  • met cousins Mark and Johanne and friends: Marina, Jane & Yassein, Tracey & Timmy, and the Richardsons.
  • has a belly button hernia. :-( Poor girl! Luckily it doesn't hurt her and we are just going to watch it and hope that it heals itself. 
  • has been adjusted a couple times at our chiropractors. 

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