Monday, March 6, 2017

Fourth Trimester 6/31 #sol17

A tiny finger outstretched
lays on top of my breast
the warmth of her body on top of mine
the faint smell of sour milk from a bit of spit up hours ago
little red scratches and baby acne dot her face
her breathing changing from rapid to deep and frequent to hard to detect
A green pacifier meets her sweet lips
the soft touch of a cozy blanket we attempt to wrap her in
occasional grunts and noises escape to prove she may not stay asleep long
I need to get up and write my slice
I have to get up and write
what am I going to write about
I have no idea what to write about today
Every other day I wanted her to stay in her little bed or the mamaroo just a little longer
and now I don't want to stop snuggling her sweet one month old body
that body that just one month ago resided inside me
inside of me
she is from inside of me
she is a part of me
living on the outside
we experience the outside together
almost as one still
in this fourth trimester

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