Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Acts of Kindness 14/31 #sol17

I watched a video of a guy about my age who saw the same homeless man outside of his local coffee shop several days in a row. This guy finally decided to ask him to lunch and once the homeless gentleman accepted it led to a shower in the guys house, and the guy helping him apply for and land a job.

I hear stories like this frequently now thanks to viral posts on social media. I’ve always wanted to be like these people! So selfless. So tuned in to others needs. So ready to do random acts of kindness in the biggest ways.

Why do I seem to never be in those situations? Do I walk around with giant blinders on? Am I so surrounded by my own privilege and busy life that I ignore countless opportunities? How can I become more tuned in to create more random acts of kindness in my life? Where does one start? I want to be that kind of person for my son and daughter to learn from. I want to set the most unselfish example for them.

So with this video and thoughts fresh in my head this morning I began the routine drive to take my son to preschool. As I was driving down the busy city street I just barely noticed my sons assistant preschool teacher waiting at the bus stop. I almost slammed on my brakes as the lightening bolt struck me, shouting…”go back and give her a ride!” I carefully pulled over and began backing up half the block to pick her up. She smiled when she realized who was calling her name and accepted my offer. Her bus was running super late today and she seemed to be grateful. I couldn’t help but feel so thankful for that video inspiration this morning. Without it, I may have kept driving lost in my selfish privileged thoughts.

I am inspired to practice random acts of kindness as they present themselves. I will be intentional each day to try to remove my blinders. I am going to try to create acts of kindness when non present themselves.

What ways do you find yourself practicing acts of kindness? Are there easier places or times that you find opportunities presenting themselves regularly?

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