Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mud Love 26/31 #sol17

While the hubby and I dream of landscaping the backyard, our son is working on a big trench project in the mud. Three days in a row I have ignored the mud when it got on his pants and jacket. I ignored it when it got all over the deck and the windows. I ignored it when it got on his eye and in his ear. He has spent hours out there. 

Why this is important: it gives us argue free time and an argue free zone. He is learning a lot of real life skills. Planning. Executing. Revising. He figured out what sinks or floats. Plus he gets fresh air and seems more tired at bedtime. 

I am all for the mud pit backyard. It will be nice when we have a back patio with a fire pit and patio lights, yet I will have to find a spot in the backyard for mud play otherwise I'll miss it! 

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