Friday, December 23, 2016

Turkey Traditions

As my cousins once sang: "Funky carpet, turquoise oven, orange counter tops, & plenty of lovin." That's my family cabin! My great grandfather built it and my grandfather and others of that generation remodeled it to add an outhouse and larger living space. The ugly mushroom art and brown and tan striped curtains really help set the mood. That and the fact that there is no phone or tv or internet. I always feel so thankful for a good retreat to the woods and now I have the appreciation for a non mossy forest. The sad thing this year is that global warming has got the best of the majority of trees in our cabin's backyard (and the whole area) and the pine beetles have just decimated the trees. This year they were all still standing, but most are obviously dead. Next year will be so strange when they are all cut down. Still, the smell of fresh pine trees and fireplaces burning in the area along with fresh frigid mountain air hugged my heart and soul. To see Micah playing with his extended cousins just as I once did, running around the woods, venturing to the local playground, and sitting on the famous horsey tree is the best!

This year the older cousin kids hosted their third annual Kids Club Election to elect a president. It brought on a good lot of laughs from the adults in the crowd. I was impressed with their knowledge of our own US election and candidates, their ability to give persuasive speeches, the oldest's ability to mock a certain Mr. Trump, and the ability in their election for the kinder candidate to win! While the oldest was going to "build a wall" to seperate the adults and kids, the middle one wanted no such thing and even wanted to help unite the kids and the adults. The youngest candidate wanted to help save the endangered sharks, which was definitely a great tactic for a third party candidate. ;-) Their speeches and knowledge really opened my eyes to just how much I personally had stuck my head in the sand throughout the whole election season and really tried to maintain an ignorance is bliss attitude, which I am embarrassed to admit. After listening to their speeches, I quietly resolved to get a little more involved politically this year and moving forward to learn more about the major issues. 
This year we opted for a more quiet evening inside our B&B, reading by the fireplace and turning in for an early bedtime while our cousins headed out for the annual bowling night at the local casino!

Our amazing chef's Sarah, Doug, and Amy

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