Thursday, December 22, 2016

Babymoon Retreat to Lake Quinault Lodge

We knew we needed to get away for at least two nights before baby comes. We had elaborate ideas of going to Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth or The Salish Lodge or something luxurious like that. Then we put new brakes on our Subaru only to have the engine die on us a few weeks later. Oh and we had to pay exterminators to come take care of our rats in the crawlspace problem. So, luxurious dreams dashed, we still knew we had to prioritize a few days away from our loving little boy before baby girl arrives. My parents graciously offered to come take care of Micah and so we just had to figure out somewhere affordable to get away to. I searched and searched and finally came up with the Olympic National Park. I took a quick facebook poll to see whether Lake Crescent Lodge or Lake Quinault Lodge would be better and results definitely came up with Lake Quinault and I am so glad! 
The Lodge at Lake Quinault is so beautiful and historical. I think anywhere with a giant wood burning fireplace adds a massive amount of romance to a vacation. There are so many easy hikes right in the vicinity, which was important since getting outside was a must and not over doing it at 28 weeks pregnant was also important. The lodge itself has a great restaurant, cozy rooms, a heated pool, a game room, and the giant common area near the fireplace with communal puzzles and games. 
We skirted Friday night traffic getting out of Seattle by hoping on the Vashon/Southworth ferry and grabbed the biggest burritos ever at the Blue Agave Mexican Grill. Then we shared a peaceful rainy drive out to the Lodge and crashed for the night as soon as we checked in. 
On our first full day, we ate breakfast in our room and took off for the forest. We hiked a good 1.6 miles on the Falls Creek Loop trail and continued to the .9 mile Lakeshore Trail, which was made pretty fun due to all the washed up driftwood and debris. That led us to the .5 Rain Forest Nature Trail Loop with great interpretive signs. It was on that loop that we spotted a lone salmon attempting to head back up the falls to spawn. We started to get hungry, so we hiked back on the road to lunch at the Mercantile, which took a hearty amount of time to get served since it was a one woman ordering/cooking show. Even though it was the very end of their season and they were about to shut down the following weekend, the food hit the spot! 
Phil had been fighting off the never ending cold, so he headed to our room for a little nap and I indulged myself in sustained reading for pleasure on the comfy leather couch with a Chai Latte in front of the giant fireplace. When I had read for over an hour or two, I found Phil and we opted for a little swimming in the indoor heated pool before a bit of watching the Husky game on TV in the game room, along with a few rounds of foozeball and ping pong! While Phil watched more of the game, I actually headed back up to work on the communal 1000 piece puzzle for a bit. I would have finished it, yet we were called away to our reservation at the Roosevelt Room Restaurant where we dined on the tastiest salmon dinner and sipped a bit of wine (I know, I know...don't judge me!). 
In the morning we headed out for another hike, this time to the 1.3 mile semi loop from Gatton Creek to the largest Sitka Spruce Tree in the world! It was the perfect end to a perfect trip. We headed back home with a stop for lunch in Olympia with Phil's mom before dinner with our kiddo and my parents before they flew home. 

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