Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whales or Wake 30 of 31 #sol16

Today is a beautiful day.
As I drove away from one of my schools, I could see the water of the Puget Sound
clear and calm except for one line of waves.
I thought to myself, it's just the wake of a ship.
I repeated it over and over in my head.
It's just the wake of a ship.
Just a ship.
Ship's wake.
Wake wave.
Wave from wake.
Not whales.
It is not whales.

And my heart screamed back...
I hope it's whales!
Maybe today is the day!
Maybe today I finally see whales in the Puget Sound.
Breaching and spraying from their blowholes.
Playing and basking in the sunshine.
Maybe today is the day.

It's just a wake.
Today is the day!
It's just a wake.
Today is the day!

I sped across the intersection, changing my course for a brief minute.
I rerouted to get as close to the water as I could. 
It's just a wake.
Today is the day!

As I approached the edge overlooking the water as close as I could get.
My eyes darted to the long line of waves and my heart sank as the large container ship moved south towards Tacoma.
It's just a wake.
I let myself feel glum for another half a minute and then my eyes darted across the playful landscape in front of me. To ships, boats, wakes large and small. 
To the snow capped Olympic mountains.
My skin turned a bright shade of pink sitting in the warmth of the sun.
My smile reappeared, my heart felt happy again and whales or not, I was going to enjoy this weather!
There is nothing like Seattle area in the sunshine. 

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