Thursday, March 24, 2016

Walks With My Husband 24 of 31 #sol16

I'd love to say that the best part of my day is always with my kiddo, but I'd be lying.
Sometimes, the best part of my day is the half an hour I spend after the kiddo's bedtime, walking our dog with my hubby.

We take full advantage of my mother-in-law living with us and try to walk the 2.75 miles down our street.Sometimes we walk at a leisurely pace and sometimes we haul butt to get out of the rain or mist or cold.

But almost every night we get to work on us.   We vent about our days. We share silly stories we heard or inspiring youtube videos we watched. We ponder if our career choices are the right ones and talk a lot about future possibilities. We laugh about cute moments with our kiddo and recollect the stories when we were blown away by all that he can already do. And a lot of night lately we spend time commiserating, debating how on earth we should be dealing with this crazy illogical, often whiny, often demanding, creature of a three and a half year old.

Our walks give us the time and space to constantly reflect on our day to day lives and make modifications. They help us get on the same page in this crazy thing called parenting. I think when my mother in law moves out, we'll have to build a track in our backyard since I can't imagine what we will do without these walks! On the days that we argue, it is so much easier and healthier to argue while walking and creating endorphin's.

Tonight, we had so much venting and problem solving and reevaluating to do that I got home and couldn't even remember if we had walked to the end of our block or not. I've done that kind of spacing out while driving, but didn't realize it was possible while walking. To be so lost in thought to not even notice your surroundings while going less than 5 miles an hour; now that's some focused thinking and talking.

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