Sunday, March 20, 2016

Too Tall to be Scared 20 of 31 #sol16

The kiddo is lying on our couch, snuggled up in his comforter and lying on his pillows, listening to me read a story. He's been that way sleeping away most of the day trying to beat a fever away. I sit right next to him reading Snow White to get a little background knowledge for our upcoming Disney trip. I can feel his warm little body radiating next to me. I pause when I get to the part where the Queen is about to transform into the ugly scary old woman.

"I don't know if I should keep reading...are you going to be ok if I read a scary part?"

He looks up into my eyes and instead of responding quickly with a yes or no like I expected, he jumps up and exclaims, "Look how tall I am Mom!" His limp sickly body transforms into this giant tall skinny kid, ribs showing, arms way overhead smiling down on me, towering from above.

"Wow! You really are tall. I guess that means you are ready for the scary part then?" I laugh and read on.

I pause again after the scary page and look to my little guy, who is snuggled back up. He flashes a quick smile again as if to say, "See mom! I'm big enough. I can handle it. It's just pretend anyways."

Yes, yes my child. You are so big. You are so brave. And maybe you're right. Scary queens turned ugly ladies have nothing on the scariness of being a parent and watching your child grow up too quickly. Three and a half going on thirteen and a half going on thirty three and a half.

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