Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This is the Moment.1 of 31 #sol16

I've rediscovered music and dancing.

On Sunday while going to help my aging husband (he's 33, but we seriously are already feeling the effects of age!) pick out his first pair of glasses, we ended up having a super Seattle moment. There we were myself, the kiddo, & the hubster. Me picking frames, the hubster trying them on, & both of us trying to distract the kiddo from touching everything. Then what should arise outside the store front windows? A police blockade and a burgeoning crowd. "What's happening?" we said. "What's the fuss?" the Optix Employees cried. And we all dashed away out the door to join the crowd. "It's Macklemore!" they cried!

Five hired police officers, earning overtime pay blocked the entrance to Easy Street Records, just next door to West Seattle Optix. A large black suburban (or something like that...I am not the type of person who knows car brands!) sat parked right in front of the concrete carpet. We waited and waited. The hubster leaned back, gently passing the frames he had tried on back to an employee as to reassure he was not trying to steal them. We kept waiting and waiting.

I hoisted the kiddo up onto my shoulders and laughed at the ridiculousness of trying to see a famous singer the kiddo has never even heard before. I kept ducking and shifting in order to avoid the sharp spokes of people's ginormous umbrellas. Finally a second, fiery red and equally large SUV drove up in front of the store. "It's him! Mackelmore is here!" kids in the front row of the barricade shouted. Only to their disappointment, the red car let out an entourage of people and no Macklemore.

A few moments later, the door to the first big black car opened and Macklemore stepped out. He was there the whole time! He was watching us like we were apes at the zoo. Or so we'd like to think. If he is like everyone else in this world now, he was probably just on his iphone and not paying attention to everyone else. He walked by us in under thirty seconds, smiling, & ready to sign a bajillion autographs on his newly released album. We waved & cheered. What is it about celebrities, huh?

The crowd dissipated, we returned inside where the hubster bought the frames he almost stole & we headed home.

At home is where the magic happened. I turned on Youtube and blasted Macklemore's Can't Hold Us. The kiddo and I danced and danced. The only thing better than watching a three year old boy dancing is actually dancing yourself. Full on. With no thoughts or consciousness. Just dancing. Feeling. Moving. Heart pounding.

I've rediscovered music and dancing. This is the moment and the ceiling can't hold us...no, the ceiling can't hold uuuuuussssss! 

*I'm starting a month of daily blogging thanks to the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers. I hope you'll join me. 

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