Monday, March 14, 2016

Sick Day 14 of 31 #sol16

Slowly awaken to the warm cozy feeling snuggled in the covers.
Listen to the rain and the wind outside.
Glance at the clock. 10:15am.
I slept for almost twelve hours straight.
I feel like I could sleep for ten more.
I smile as I hear the kiddo and the hubster talking and playing out in the living room.
I slowly roll out of bed.
I do not do my morning workout.
I do not do morning meditation.
I do not take a shower.
I do not eat breakfast.
I start laundry. I muster up a bit of lego play.
I crank up the essential oils diffuser.
I count the minutes until I can go back to sleep again and dream about the chicken noodle soup that will be my lunch and dinner.
This is a sick day.

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