Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shark Attack Fun turned Slammed Finger 31 of 31 #sol16

Tonight I struggle for which slice to write about. I can't believe that this month came and went and I actually went through with posting each night for the whole month of March! It was a very inspiring experience. I had been looking forward to it, but mostly because I knew it was the extra motivation I needed to prioritize time writing. What I did not expect was the new friendships I've developed because of this experience. Shawnda and Erika: This challenge was fun and easy because of you two. You both inspire me because of the amazing human and puppy mommies that you are, engaging and impactful educators that you are, and for the eloquent authors that I now know you are as well! Thank you also to the incredible women of Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life challenge and also your regular weekly posts. They inspire me as a writer and as a reflective educator. 

The kiddo and the hubster ran around and around the house.
I was listening from the other room where I began excitedly packing our suitcase for tomorrow's trip to San Diego and Disneyland.
The hubster was doing the silent creep, giving the kiddo time to run away shrieking and laughing as he ran away from the big bad shark!
"Raaaaaaaaarrrrr! I'm going to get you!!!"
Over and over they played this game, moving around the kitchen island, behind the living room sofa, in and out of all the bedrooms.
They entered the room where I was packing and although I was equally enjoying their moment of joy, I also quietly whispered to the hubster, "it's almost time for bed. Maybe it's time to start winding down now..."
He smiled and nodded, then pounced towards the kiddo one more time.

The kiddo raced out of our bedroom, closing the door quickly behind him.
In the moment of silence that followed I could hear was the echo's of his laughter and I could feel my cheeks, warm from the huge grin on my face.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" a howl wailed from just behind the door and the door opened showing the kiddo cluching his hand and screaming, tears streaming down his face. The hubster flew across the room towards him and he scooped him up before I could do anything. We both assessed the situation as the kiddo cried and cried, obviously he had smashed something in the door, but what we could not tell.
"Is it your fingers or your toes?"
Big sobs and wails were all he could let out. Eventually through big huge tears and cries and "No! No! No! No!"'s he squeeked out a little, "finger".

That's when we saw his left pinky finger with a puddle of red oozing up and a decent sized gash. The hubster and I locked eyes for a silent conversation through raised eyebrows and grimaces saying, "hospital? Stitches? Band aid? Ice pack? What do you think?"
I ran to look for the new Paw Patrol bandaids that the Easter Bunny thankfully had just brought. We patched up the gash and took a few more minutes of snuggling and crying before the hubster lured the kiddo to calm down with book after book.

As he got ready for bed and they began to read one more book, I stopped in to get my bedtime goodnight kiss and hug.
"Goodnight buddy," I said. "I'm sorry you got hurt tonight. I'm glad you're going to be ok." and he smiled and quickly responded, "It's ok mom. It's going to heal fast." And he was just as playful as ever.

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