Thursday, March 10, 2016

Re-Teach Me 10 of 31 #sol16

Re-teach me how to play
Erase hurry from my vocabulary
I can interact with intention

as I scoop your cereal
as I pour your milk

you smile and laugh and hyper focus
I smile and laugh and say ok, but let's hurry
I say sure, but I need to get ready for work

I don't say, but you hear
I'm slow. This isn't important. Mommy's leaving again.
She can't play. She has to work.

Ugh! Tonight and tomorrow, no more.
It's so knee jerk that I don't even realize I'm going to say it.
Tomorrow you will hear
I matter. This is important. My feelings matter.
Mom is here with me in this moment.
Mom likes to play. Mom can be fun too.
Even with a flight to get to by a certain time. We can do it.
You and your dad have to help me.
I love you and you matter.

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