Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mud and Sun at Seabrook 5 of 31 #sol16

This place is too cute. Seabrook, a picture perfect community preplanned community on the Washington coast, is everything that it is marketed as. My girlfriends and I stepped out the front door of our quaint mansion of a cottage and took a short walk to the beach.

"You're wearing your toms?" my friend Anna asked. "I thought we are just going to the beach," I replied, obviously the naive Californian who is used to rolling to the beach in flip flops on nicely paved roads, a beach boardwalk, and often nicely raked sand. I shrugged and changed into my hiking boots.

We walked into the woods right behind the house, crossed over the empty highway, to a cute little trail littered with interesting relics along the way. We walked past a miniature nativity scene made out of rocks and twigs and Popsicle sticks. We walked over rickety boardwalks and jumped over puddles. We slowly maneuvered our way across sticks and boards and over the mud. Lots and lots of mud. We walked past a hobbit house made of twigs and more Popsicle sticks cared into the roots of a giant Hemlock trees.

After our great long balancing act through the mud, we emerged from the woods at the beach. The salt water was in the air, the air was pretty still, and amazingly the sun was shining. My friends were laughing and giggling and taking selfies. The tide was out and we stepped over oyster shells and crab skeletons. The sound of the waves rolling in calmed my heart and soul. I am so thankful for this place and these friends. Oh and the fact that I'm in a t-shirt on the beach in Washington in the beginning of March. 

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