Sunday, March 13, 2016

Liquid Sunshine 13 of 31 #sol16

 Liquid sunshine in sunny San Carlos
won't stop falling
as I drive under canopies of beautiful green trees
won't stop dancing
as I wind my way down the suburban streets
won't stop pitter-pattering
Following the same childhood route 
I used to pretend to fall asleep only to guess where I was before opening my eyes
coming back from Papa & Grammas house

Liquid sunshine in sunny San Mateo
won't stop falling
as I drive up Viewridge street just to see 
won't stop dancing
just to see the house that used to be my grandparents
won't stop pitter-pattering
Staring into a house that looks the same
A house that holds so many memories
I wish I could enter and 
the rain keeps falling

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