Sunday, March 6, 2016

Laughing so hard it hurts 6 of 31 #sol16

My girlfriends and I grabbed coffee and tea and went for a morning walk in Seabrook today. All six of us, to go cup in hand, raincoats on, an assortment of clogs, toms, hiking boots, and rain boots adorning our feet. We strolled past beach houses with wrap around porches, sun room entryways, covered porches with large fireplaces on the exterior of the house, and some with no porch at all. Unlit white patio lights were strung from each porch ceiling and starfish or anchors or birdhouses or seashell art differentiated each cedar shake cottage or mansion from the next.

We grovelled over the beach camp with the one bedroom, kitchenette, mini living room, and little loft houses all in a row with a giant wood campfire set up in the middle. We envisioned another trip with all of our kids and husbands and dogs in tow with singing and storytelling and smores and even more laughter. A nice couple, celebrating their wedding anniversary, invited us in to peek at the cuteness that is one of the beach cabins. As we thanked them and began to walk back down the white crushed seashell path, away from the woods and toward the construction site of the soon to be orchard and farm area, we spotted the children's playground. Jenni and I had rode our bikes past it the day before, zooming by quickly and only giving it a quick, "that looks like fun for kids."

Today, however, Jenni all of a sudden got a huge grin on her face and started running towards something behind the fenced in playground area. We all paused with wonder until one by one each of our faces got the same silly grin and we each dashed back behind the wooden fence too. A zip-line! And not just any zip-line, but a zip-line that now had an Olympic size swimming pool of muddy water underneath. Most adults would likely turn around at this point and we did consider it, but first we joked about how funny it would be to try it. And then curiosity and a sense of adventure took over and one by one we each took a turn on the Zip-line turned Daring Water Ride. I went first and got stuck directly over the center of the muddy pool. Thankfully, Jenni came to my rescue and managed to pull me to the side. We were laughing pretty hard. Next, Jenni jumped on and instead of standing up straight and tall like I did, she ended up half standing, half sitting and we were all laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces. Kelsey gave it a go and like Jane swinging across the jungle to her Tarzan, she sped down the zip-line, clunked and swung back to the middle of the pool where her clogs burst into the surface of the water and created a giant splash zone for anyone remotely nearby. Jenni, Anna, Krista, Kelsi, and I were dying of laughter. By now, anyone who was within a hundred yards was looking our way and laughing along with us. I attempted to pull Kels out of the middle of the water, but my muscles turned to mush since they sent all of their power to my laughter and I needed both Jenni and Anna to join me in pulling Kesley out. We all made it out with minimal water and mud accumulation. I'm surprised we didn't all pee our pants, we laughed so hard. Cramping from laughter, we slowly headed back to our cabin with another hilarious girls trip memory etched in our brains and in our hearts.

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