Friday, March 4, 2016

Hiding in Plain Sight 4 of 31 #sol16

I shut off the engine, Amy Poehler's voice fades away. I walk the short distance to my front door thankful that it's Friday after a long and busy work week. Friday, hours before leaving for a fun girls weekend getaway with my wonderful group of friends. I open the door. Helloooo! I'm home! I instantly see the cutest face peeking out from under the kitchen stool under our island. I feign ignorance. "Where is Micah? I wonder where he is!" The kiddo is smiling ear to ear. The hubster plays along. "I don't know, he was just here not that long ago." "I wonder. Is he in his room? Did he run away? What did you do with him, Daddy?" I go on and on like that as I set my dirty dishes from my lunch box in the sink and take my earrings off, and put my hair up. The kiddo is loving it. He doesn't move a muscle. I walk right past him again and again and he giggles a bit here and there. Finally, ready to give the kiddo a hug and a kiss, I know exactly what to say. "Too bad Micah's not here to share this cookie with me..." His cute little head with that crazy cowlick pops up and he jumps up, runs to Dad, and shouts "I'm here! I want one!" This is a fun little game we play every so often and I have no guilt at all bribing my child to come hang out with me when I get home from a long day at work. Especially since we will go have our dance party right after and dance and laugh and giggle and tickle and hug and kiss and bond.

I hope the hiding in plain sight phase lasts a long time.

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