Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dear Teavana 19 of 31 #sol16

Dear Teavana at U Village,

 I knew you were wonderful a few years ago and I apologize for not coming around more often. The instant I walk in your doors I get the same sense that I imagine I would when entering a yoga conference or a meditation retreat. I almost close my eyes and take a deep breathe of all the amazing aromas housed within your beautiful rustic wood walls. Each little taste of your teas warms and soothes every cell of my taste buds. The woman behind the counter was so friendly and helpful today. I almost felt bad asking to smell another tea and another and another. I love that you display the level of caffeine right on each package. I love the way your people suggest which teas to blend and how long to steep them.

Moraccan Mint.
Jade Citrus Mint.
Watermelon Mint Chiller.
Imperial Acai Blueberry White.
Dosha Chai.
Caramel Chai Rooibus.
Chocolate Chai Black.
Back to Dosha Chai.

Yes, today Dosha Chai kept circling back to me. While I would have loved to purchase all, I was so in awe by my choices that I settled on a Dosha Chai brewed to go in your store.

I spent my five minutes waiting for my tea to steap to perfection. Within those five minutes I saw phases of my life in your visitors. To my right, sitting at your bar stools was a cute couple, obviously just married and cranking out thank you card after thank you card. Behind me and to my left, sat a mother and her baby. The mom indulged in every delicious bite and each delectable sip of her tea while her baby slept next to her. Others milled about the store, tasting and smelling flavor after flavor as I had just done. I wonder if anyone else felt respected by the diversity of your tea? I do.

I picked up my Dosha Chai and for the rest of my visit to the nearby play space and toy store, I could think nothing but happy thoughts as the aromas wafted out of the small opening in my to go tea lid. I sipped my Chai and felt content in that moment on this day.

Thank you Teavana. Thank you for being my yoga, my meditation.

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