Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Disneyland Countdown 17 of 31 #sol16

We're counting down the days until Disneyland!

Each little numbered Mickey and Minnie Mouse head, hand cut from card-stock, line the front of our laundry closet doors.
In the morning, the kiddo and I share a slice of our day, taking down one Mickey or Minnie Head.
We count the numbers that remain and then we jump up and down and up and down.
The kiddo clenches his fists and springs up into the air.
We repeat "Dis-ney. Land! Dis-ney. Land!" over and over and over.
Our smiles get bigger and bigger.
I lift him up into the air and give him a big fat hug.

I think he remembers our trip last year when he was two and a half.
We've looked at all the photos from last year's trip and he says, "I want to do everything the same as last time, Mom."
I'm just as excited as he or even more excited. There is no other place that I feel like a kid again as I do at Disneyland.

Last time I went a little overboard and attached a Disney related activity or souvenir to the count down. This time, I'm remaining intentional and minimalist and indulging in the sweet simplicity of number recognition and counting practice.

Disneyland is exciting, but the anticipation of Disneyland is just as good!

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