Sunday, June 21, 2015

Love in Daddyland

Abeille Photography

Abeille Photography
Love in Daddyland is legos and trains.
It's get down on the floor and build farms and towers.
It's tiny arms wrapped around a big strong neck and shoulders.

Love in Daddyland is laughter and tickles.
It's wrestling and silliness.
It's reading and answering a hundred why's in a day.

Love in Daddyland is peanut butter sandwiches and smoothies.
It's scrambled eggs and orange juice.
It's nut mix and bananas on the couch.

Love in Daddyland is giving Mommy perspective and patience.
It's supporting chiropractic and natural remedies.
It's co-op preschool and love and logic.

Love in Daddyland is forever shifting and growing.
It's slow and steady patience and lightening fast creativity.
It's being the kind of Daddy he didn't even realize he had dreamed about.

Love in Daddyland is hugs and "I love you"'s.
It's high fives and "You did it!"'s.
It's chasing and being chased around the kitchen island for the fiftieth time.

Love in Daddyland is always and forever.
It's steadfast and true.
It's there when you want it and when you feel like you don't.

Love in Daddyland is my saving grace and my guiding light.
It's the inspiration to love in Mommyland.
It's what builds this family up every single day.

*Happy Fathers day to all the Daddy's out there and to the kids and partners who get to experience "Love in Daddyland" each day.

Abeille Photography
*We love you Mr. Vrbas more than you ever can know. :-)

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