Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Two and a Half

This month Micah has:
  • recovered from being sick with ear infections for about a week and then got another little cold or allergies. 
  • had so much fun at the Purim Spiel and Purim Carnival. He especially liked going down the big blow up slide and taking home a lot of little prize toys.
  • had a fun three day weekend with mom while Dad studied for finals. We rode the metro bus for the first time, the monorail for the first time, and went to see the Children's Theater's production of Goodnight Moon with some friends from last year's pre-school group.
  • celebrated his half birthday by going to Kiddush Club in the morning and eating a celebratory mini cupcake at Cupcakes Royale. 
  • started the Disneyland countdown, reading lots of Disney stories, coloring Disney pictures, playing Disney games, watching Disney video clips and a movie or two, and more.
  • talked like crazy in pretty elaborate sentences!  So hard to believe that this time last year he had barely said two words together!
  • cut his second molars (done on the bottom and half way through on the top!).

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