Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dream Living Room and Entry- Black and White Craftsman Style

I just had someone come out to try to help us order some custom upholstery for our bench seats...more on that later. The point is that this person, someone with a serious eye for home decorating and style, totally got my home decor style! I guess she helped me clarify a bit too since I know what I like when I like it, but I've never really had the words for my style. My hubby got it years ago and even though I was pretty much in denial, I finally have to admit that he was right. Yes, I have a black and white thing going on. I love color as much as Rainbow Bright, but I am definitely scared of which color I like the most at a given moment. It seems as though whenever I choose a theme or a color for something, I'm over it in a couple months to a couple years. When we started this remodel, I wanted design that lasts. I didn't want to be redoing everything just a few years later, especially since our budget for home decor has gone from ample to nil rapidly. So, various patterns and shades of black and white it is. At least for the entry and living room. I do attempt to throw in a few blues, greens, and yellows when it seems a little more feasible and fun...and small scale. The one thing that is for sure and has never been a doubt in my mind is the desire to give a craftsman or bungalow vibe to the place. The hubby and I have always agreed on that (even though he'd rather go with natural wood hues and more towards the art deco style than I). 

I figured it's been a while since I've shared how things are looking in here, especially in our entry way and living room, which were some of the most drastic changes without having drastic expenses to match. After having things this way for almost two years, I can say that I absolutely love it. Having an entryway to store our shoes has proven genius...wait, whose idea was that again? ;-) I love our exposed brick from the original house that had been hiding in our coat closet. I love all of my built in (ikea-hacked) book shelves and fake mantel (someday we absolutely will install a gas fireplace...a girl can always dream...). And although a train table is not the most ideal coffee table, I'm not too worried about getting it out of here since I vow to soak up every minute of my baby's childhood, train table taking over the living room and all! :-)

View as you enter through the front door

And to think I have more children's books in our garage!

Does anyone actually keep coffee table books on a coffee table anymore and actually browse through them?

My goal is to someday transfer all of my big old bulky photo albums into shutterfly books like on the left!

Love my free printables from Eighteen25!

Of course the V is one of my favorite parts of this room since it was my Hanukkah gift that Phil hand made for me!

I made this collage of wedding photos from my grandparents and my parents and me and it always makes me smile.

See how little space 6 or 7 years of Shutterfly family yearbooks take?!

View of our open kitchen

Looking back at the front door and entry way. Still love our simple National Park posters.

And the entry half wall that Phil built with our shoe storage!
I'm exhausted just thinking about the hours that went into magazine hunting and Pinterest for me and actual physical labor for Phil! What did you like the most in our family room? What did you enjoy about this type of post? What questions and wonderings do you still have? What would you like to learn more in depth about? We've been so flattered by all the attention our initial photos of this room have received on Pinterest!

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