Sunday, April 5, 2015

10 Easy Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

If you walk into any grocery store or Target type store in March and early April, it's as if the candy aisle tripled in size and overflowed throughout the entire store. Marketers tell us that Easter is about candy, chocolate, dessert, and more candy. I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't love a Robin Egg or chocolate bunny ear or two growing up, but I'm also not going to preach that you should indulge and fill up your grocery cart with as much candy as fits in each of your kiddo's Easter baskets either. I am all about moderation in all areas of life and Easter is no exception. Pick out your one or two favorite candies and call it quits. Think of other things that bring you and your kids joy besides candy. There are a ton of other exciting things that can fill an easter egg other than candy. Our Easter bunny knew just the things that fit and wouldn't cause cavities!

1) Little plastic duck and bunnies
2) A plastic frog toy
3) Raisins
4) Sesame sticks
5) Yogurt covered pretzels
6) Nuts (of course chopped to toddler size)
7)  Fruit Snacks
8) Bunny grahams
9) Banana chips
10) Blueberries

Each item filled only one or two eggs (some large, some small) so that even after all were eaten, our toddler still had room left to eat lamb for dinner and cake for dessert. What?! Cake?! Hey...I didn't say that all sugar was bad. I just said everything in moderation and we just save our sugar for the home baked yumminess, that's all! ;-)

The zoo egg hunt was sunny and fun, but still a bit chilly!
I would recommend the Woodland Park Zoo egg hunt, but not right at opening! Too crowded!
Love my friends!
Fun on the carousel!
He had to draw a picture of the Easter Bunny for the Easter Bunny first thing Easter morning.
Totally spoiled by the Easter Bunny!

Micah's first camera! Taking after his mommy for sure!

All his grandparents spoiled him too! Lots of new goodies to play with!
Nothing like a solo backyard egg hunt to find those "healthy" eggs!

Eating all his healthy snacks from the egg hunt on a nice long family walk in the sunshine
What? You don't put your child to work on Easter Sunday too?
Gramma Susan's amazing dessert after an amazing Easter dinner

Died eggs with Gramma. Egg hunts with friends at the zoo. One of three times a year to spoil this kid silly. Time with family. Adding mystery and excitement to a child's life. Long sunshine filled walks. Bunnies that know about healthy snacks for their eggs. Elaborate Easter dinner from Gramma. Facetime with Nana and Papa. Telling the Easter story (even if it probably was condensed to about thirty seconds!). Laughter, quality time, special treats, and sunshine. Did I mention sunshine?? These things are what makes our Puget Sound Easter so memorable.

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