Monday, February 9, 2015

Eight (Not So) Crazy Nights

The awesome felt menorah that my mom made for us!

If you imagine Hanukkah being eight crazy nights with super Jewish people doing super Jewish stuff, than you definitely need to keep reading.  My family has been on the west coast for many generations and before that we came from Cleveland, Ohio not Jewish New York. What I'm trying to say is that Hanukkah for us in not full of Bubbies with super thick eastern accents pinching your cheeks and wishing you a "Happy Hanukkah, now eat your brisket and latkes daaaling." Our family is the one that is so interfaith we almost don't realize it's the first night of Hanukkah and are thankfully reminded of it's start thanks to the DJ on the country radio station who for some reason wishes everyone a happy hanukkah even though at no other time do they ever act like their listeners could possibly be diverse in any way! Oops, major tangent and run on sentence! Our Hanukkah is one that brings a bit more light and cheeriness to a special week of the year. Our Hanukkah is one where I reminisce on my childhood in Aunt Helen and Uncle Herm's basement, sneaking gum balls from the gum ball machine and cool gifts like Barbie roller skates. It's one where I hope that maybe someday Micah and his future cousins (hopefully) will get the rest of the family wrapped up in a large theatre production after dinner is done like I did.

our interfaith decorations

edible dreidel 
at the JCC's "Almost Hanukkah Under the Stars"

This Hanukkah was all this and more. The best part was that we got to spend part of it at home in Seattle and the other part of it with our extended family in California. Leading up to Hanukkah we decorated our house, spun the dreidels lots, went to the JCC's Almost Hanukkah Under the Stars with the Sababas and Recess Monkey (and lots of games and crafts), and ate latkes at our temple after services. Then, in California we got to light the candles several nights with Nana and Papa and even got to celebrate with cousins, Aunt and Uncle, Great Aunt, and Great Gramma too. Hanukkah is warm and bright and just so special. It's also hard to keep track of. ;-)

One of Micah's big gifts from Mom and Dad, a tool belt and real tools!
Such special moments continuing tradition with my little one

Phil's Latke Frying Game Face
So fun getting to light the menorah together again!

All 11 of us together again! 
And yes, this happened. Hanukkah can be fun and funny and weird and crazy!

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