Wednesday, February 25, 2015

29 Months: "I don't want to, Don't say that"

Can't get enough of this kiddo!

Almost Two and a Half years old!
This month Micah:
  • has entered a super willful toddler phase.The most common phrases in our household the past few weeks have been, "I don't want to." and "Don't say that". 
finally enjoys riding his balance bike!

  • has been using the pronoun "I" instead of his name, so using first person instead of third person. It is amazing how much that alone changes how old he seems. 
becoming super creative

loves tortillas!

  • has fought me several days for hours each time to not wear pants. On one occasion I gave in and we made our rounds to two grocery stores with pants on his head. On a second occasion we ran two errands with no pants on at all (socks, shoes, shirt, and sweatshirt...just no pants!). On these occasions my parenting skills and patience were fully tested and although I couldn't help feeling a bit of embarrassment, overall I just had to swallow my pride and look to the long term when we could laugh over each occasion.
Let's just call this one a super toddler moment
  • has been loving puzzles. He has been completing a lot of his large piece puzzles all on his own. 
problem solver in training
  • has been showing some signs that he will be ready to potty train soon, like requesting the potty as soon as he has finished going in his diaper and trying to take off his diaper himself immediately after going. I still think we have a ways to go before really hopping on the potty train, but at least we are starting to see signs.
  • got time with his Nana and Mommy in a staycation by the stadiums going to the Flower and Garden Show, the Home Show, on a ferry to Bainbridge Island and their children's museum with his friend Isaac and my friend Krista, and swam in the hotel pool with me!

Stay cations are cool

Loves time with Nana, especially when she brings fun new toys like binoculars 


social butterfly?

Fun at the Flower Show
  • continued to randomly count and talk about letters and read himself stories and fill in the pauses when being read to.
  • loved rhyming. Phil and Micah do lots of rhyming like "frog, log, sog, bog..." and Micah likes to randomly make up his own rhyming strings too with lots of nonsense words and some real. 
Avid reader already!
  • went to his friend Kaiden's 3rd birthday party at the Everett Children's Museum (which is the best one in the area by far!).
  • played with his friend Abby at a coffee house while her mom and I chatted. He also got to play with his friends Brooks and Maeava when our families went out to dinner together.

these two!
  • Decorated cookies and played with friends at the Kiddush Club Havdalah Happens on Valentines Day.
cookie face!

Valentines day surprises!
  • had to deal with his Mama being gone on two work trips, one to New York and one to Southern California. Definitely harder on mom than Micah, but I could tell he did miss me. 
  • went to preschool and allowed Mama to join him one week! He really is so comfortable there and has great teachers and great kids and parents. When I was there, he played with play dough a lot, played "vet" with the doctor kit and stuffed animals and played with the trains and cars a bit. He was really concerned that I wouldn't know "the popcorn song" and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to keep up. :-)
  • has gotten the most horrible cold he's had so far with a super horrible cough and a double ear infection! It was the first sickness that truly took him out of commission, put him in a lethargic-lay on the couch and just want hugs and snuggles all day for five days-state. We are just rounding the corner now.

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