Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Mom Care Package: A Treat for the Newly Nursing Mama

A lot of months ago (like 9 already!), my best friend who is really more like a sister to me had a baby. After the super fun vintage book themed baby shower and before I went to meet my little niece, I shipped a care package for the new mom. I filled the box with mostly nursing related items since that is pretty much the hardest part of having a brand new baby. I stuck a couple of items for the little one as well because, who can resist? When I arrived just two weeks later, many of the snacks were already being put to good use (although I did repurpose an old wicker basket that was lying around so that all the snacks could be mobile and right next to the mama. When baby is feeding, mama should be able to nosh too!). 

I figured it was as good a time as any to share with you the essential items in my new mom care package. I had fun creating it and am so glad that it helped even a tad bit during those most difficult parenting days and nights. Unfortunately I forgot to snap photos of the individual items, but I did write out a letter to my friend explaining each item and am sharing that with you now. Let me know what you think!
Care package for the brand new mother

New Mom Care Package

A Nursing Tank and a Nursing Bra: To make you feel like the sexy mama woman that you are (even if you are leaking and engorged) and to provide easy access for breast feeding that sweet little girl!

An eye mask: Because you have never appreciated good shut eye like you do now! 

Hand Sanitizer: For cleaning up on the go.

Facial Cleaning Wipes: Since time is beyond money now!

Lip gloss: To add a little self soothing to your day.

Infant acetaminophen: To battle those tough colds and hardest teething days. Hopefully your acetaminophen days are far in the future. 

Training Toothpaste and brush: Keep this on a shelf in clear view to remind you that your toddler days are actually truly not that far away!

Teething Tablets: Some of the best relief for baby once those little chompers start poking through!

On the Night You Were Born: This book for Baby Seif is just one of the amazing books by Nancy Tillman that have been our favorites so far. We notice "the bears asleep at the zoo since they have been up all night dancing for you".

Mothers Milk Tea: To keep those milk makers a flowin!

Burts Bees Belly Balm: To help heal that war scar! Get that C Section scar slim and trim by taking good care of it. Not sure how much it actually helped, but it certainly felt therapeutic to sooth smooth lotion over that area for weeks of healing and months of mental healing. 

Snack foods: For all those late night feedings  and mid day feedings where you just need something quick and easy.

*Not included, but will be hand delivered: Dry Shampoo: To keep you looking amazing on days where showers prove to be just too much! People rave about this stuff, but I didn't want to send a flammable product in the mail.

Love Love Love: So much love is sent with each and every item to all three of the Seif Family. We cannot wait to meet baby girl and I can't wait to come take care of mama. You are amazing, you did it!!! I love you sister! I'm an auntie!!!! Wahoo!!!

*What do you think? Any other items you feel should be added to such a care package? Did you receive any other helpful, practical, and or super thoughtful gifts when you became a parent? What could I have included for the new daddy? 

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