Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Working Guy…Another month older (27 Months)

Last month was the first that I almost forgot to write an update and this is the first month that truly feels like Micah hasn't really been all that different from the month before. It's the first month that I am considering retiring the monthly development posts and busting out the Birthday and Half Birthday posts instead. Will everyone be ok with that? Perhaps I will still try to do a photo dump of sorts each month, since he is so adorable. I'm not biased or anything….

This month Micah:
  • was fun to hold conversations with
  • enjoyed both mommy, daddy, and gramma time
  • celebrated Thanksgiving with the Lewins
  • thought about what made him joyful each day
  • had a much better understanding of Christmas and Hanukkah after reading lots of holiday books and listening to holiday music 
  • loved everything tools and working guys
  • had his first real stomach bug with a visit to the Doctor just to make sure that's what it was
  • had his first hot chocolate, first candy cane, first meeting with Santa, and made his first graham cracker house
  • has been counting and reading and even rhyming spontaneously
  • has had lots of little crying two year old moments, especially when leaving the playground

Thanksgiving day at Lincoln Park

Helping me root on the Niners and helping ease my pain when they lose

PNW family Thanksgiving

baking cookies

Favorite accessory

Micah dictated his first wish list to me

Working guy

Paper snowflakes!
Indoor playspace at Hiawatha on his favorite…the excavator!

Family tradition to see the teddy bears downtown!

And to see the gingerbread houses downtown!

Inspired by the gingerbread houses, we made our own. Micah loved counting the smarties on the pathway.

spotting Fabric the Elf was super fun!

This kid is college ready!

super sweet note on the wall at Collins Chiropractic!

this is the "I just got to the zoo and am hiding in the African shelter so I can go poop" look!

West Seattle Tree Lighting Ceremony with Daddy and Gramma and his first hot chocolate!

So serious while meeting Santa for the first time! I could not get him to crack a smile!
So happy to get to spend some holiday time with these four!
The Smith family who has helped us love the PNW in so many ways!

The smiles came out once the candy cane did, of course!

Say Candy Cane!
And the second hot chocolate since it's just sooo Pacific Northwest of us!
Candy dreidel spinning at the JCC's Almost Hanukkah Under the Stars!

Micah loved listening to the Sababas and Recess Monkey play for Hanukkah!

Latke dinner at temple. This is the "I Love Latkes" face!

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