Sunday, November 2, 2014

Growing a Pumpkin Patch Tradition

Getting so big!

Ah Fall. Pumpkin Patches. Corn Mazes. Hay Rides. Fresh Hot Apple Cider. Pumpkin flavored everything. Pumpkin everything. The sound of crisp leaves under your boots. A chilly breeze brushing at your cheeks.
cider and pumpkin donuts, oh my!
Cute little country store

Gourds galore

Nothing makes me more nostalgic and sentimental than pumpkin patches. For some moms it's birthdays or Christmas, but for me it's the P-patch. It's the pull out the annual pumpkin patch photo, look how my baby has grown, sappy warm feeling deep down inside that rushes up and brings tears to my eyes.
Sorry for the poor quality. Something got lost in translation of apps etc.

There is nothing like watching a two year old boy discover a farm in the fall with curiosity, amazement, and excitement. The only thing that might compare is listening to the same two year old boy retell his experience in terms of getting to be at the pumpkin patch with a friend.
Feed for the goats
Oh hello goat!

tractor trike!

Silly Mommy!

perfect position for throwing the pumpkin, eh?

running around

that's a good one!

The power of friendship is often underestimated. What is also often underestimated is the amount of work it takes to build and maintain friendships. We are so thankful for the friends that have let us know when we disappointed them. The friends that share our joy and our frustrations. The friends that don't just live in a self centered social media world that nurtures a false sense of friendship. We are thankful for the old school kind of friendships.
Isaac's a good wheelbarrow driver

After four years going to pumpkin patches together, I think it's ok to officially declare that the Richardsons have become those friends. Our friendship is so easy in so many ways and yet, over the years we've all had to work to maintain it too. It's not often that you find couple friends where all parties involved get along and truly enjoy being in each others presence equally. Now, we can only cross our fingers that our sons will also equally get along. So far, so good! It's not like we expect the boys to grow up to be besties….just get along enough so that I can keep posting our annual photo at the patch!
fun at the playground
"That's corn Mommy!"

Hide and go seek corn maze style

a rare moment when he actually stayed on the path

I die from the cuteness!

A fall favorite!

My super kiddo!

Each year we try to go to a new pumpkin patch since there are so many amazing ones not that far away. This year, Bob's Corn and Pumpkin Farm was the perfect spot! We walked through the pumpkin patch drinking their yummy hot apple cider, hit up the toddler tractor trike area, fed the goats, played on the playground, ran through the kids corn maze (a little nerve racking for us parents!), and bought some kettle corn and pumpkins on the way out. It was perfect! Especially since the rain managed to hold off until we were heading to the car!
The annual friends photo!

How Pacific Northwest Fall can we be!?

Another super cute family at the patch

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