Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Baseball and Baking at Twenty Six Months

This was the first month that zoomed by so fast, I almost missed my monthly update. My heart has been bursting with love for this little boy, who is growing up way too fast, that I get to call my own! Each night after he goes to bed, Phil and I look at each other with a sparkle in our eyes and can't stop mushing and gushing about how awesome he is! Even through the crazy two year old mini meltdown moments, he is just so loving and caring and funny and silly and loving and caring and funny!
This month Micah:

  • has been stringing several sentences together. 
  • has been counting everything he sees (starting with 2, but usually goes up to 10 without repeat numbers or out of order numbers!)

  • has been really interested in the alphabet letters and can do a lot of them in order
  • had a great time on Halloween being a little butterfly. We went to a fun neighborhood with lots of scary loud houses with fog machines and he just loved the whole thing. Didn't get scared.
At our Pathways Connect Mtg. in the kid area! Coldest week and he takes off his shirt!

  • played with duplo legos, his cars, baseball with the tee ball inside, football, a bit with his trains, a bit with his stuffed animals and in his play house.
  • loved trying to play hide and go seek. He is good at counting to ten and then saying, "ready or not here I come!" When it is my turn to find him, I narrate the event like, "Is Micah in the bed? Noooo…Is he behind the door? Nooooo. Is he in the closet? Nooo…" So now Micah has been saying similar things randomly and jokingly saying…Noooo! 

  • continued to love reading. He likes snuggling with books with all three of us (daddy, gramma, mommy) and often will just grab a book and read it to himself (based on memory and the pictures).
  • has repeated a few not so great words like dangit, darnit, oh shit. Luckily we were able to stifle our giggles enough to ignore it and not make a scene out of it, so he hasn't repeated them again.

  • continues to say "It's kind of funny" about things that are different, interesting, or sometimes for things that are actually funny.

  • runs around the kitchen island. and around. and around. and around. This month the adventure has been to run around it being a baseball player pretending to run the bases. And…another time we love running around the island is naked time before the bath. LOVE

  • got a few more bumps and bruises and a decent scratch on one leg from a wild blackberry bush jumping out at him.
  • been jumping and balancing while out and about wherever he can. He also helped spot some pretty cool mushrooms growing in our neighborhood. 

  • loves wearing his bird hat and winter mittens.
  • helps Gramma with everything. Baking, cleaning, cooking, picking out recipes in cookbooks. Everything. It is the cutest thing!

  • went to Kelsey Creek Farm and payed a little attention to the animals and more attention to jumping down all the steps in their amphitheater! 

  • sat on a real live excavator thanks to cousin Mark (there is one being used right by their house)!
  • has gotten really into our month of being thankful. Each night we write down on a paper leaf what each of us are thankful for. Micah leads the discussion, "What's Gramma thankful for?" "What's Daddy thankful for?" "What's Mommy thankful for?" Sometimes he answers for us. Sometimes he asks Charlie and always answers that Charlie is thankful for presents. He makes sure that I write it all down. He is sometimes thankful for whatever food he is eating at the time, sometimes thankful for one of us (or all of us), and sometimes has really reflective thoughts like being thankful for gramma's help or the moon. :-) 

  • had another visit from Nana and Papa. We went out to dinners, went wine tasting in Woodinville, went to the zoo, walked around UW, and more. He loved having Papa throw him onto the bed and lift him up so that he could run in the air. 

  • helped Daddy celebrate getting into the UW business school!

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  1. That Micah and his family are something else and beyond measuring with all of the love. xoxo Papa


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