Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jumping Like a Frog, Chitchatting Over the Weather, and More at 25 Months

This month Micah:

  • talks in pretty complete sentences now. "Micah scampered away from Mommy". For a while he was using the correct pronouns like "I do it" or "you do it". 
  • plays around with the way words sound like chemistry and capitalism.
  • says, "It's funny mommy" lots, but rarely actually laughs.
  • runs around the kitchen island. and around. and around. and around.
  • pretends to be an alligator. Alligatoring Daddy! Alligatoring!
  • used the kitchen tongs for a few days to pick up little finger puppets and other items lying around.
  • practiced jumping and hopping over and over again. He can now pretty comfortably jump off a small retaining wall without assistance! He likes to pretend to be a frog.
  • been cutting at least one two year old molar.
  • Got a few more bumps and bruises.
  • had his first true fever and cold (fever up to 104 one night!).
  • just last week began not minding mommy again.
  • has had fun at preschool and has been able to explain to me a few things he did at school when I ask later that night. "Micah painted. train table. cut the food. kids." etc.
  • likes to wear accessories like various hats and helmets and eye masks and goggles and necklaces and more. 
  • helps Gramma do the dishes.
  • is starting to interact more with other kids. At the sandbox one day he looked at a kid and said, "It's windy." Such a small talker already, huh? Ha! He is fascinated with the moon and the weather and the dark.
  • is not even scared of Halloween decorations. We have been enjoying our neighborhood walks more now that we get to spot all the spider webs (real and pretend) and ghosts and monsters and pumpkins.
  • continues to be unpredictable with food. Guacamole, avocados, chicken, and more seem to be hit or miss. The only true staples so far are bananas (one to three a day), tortilla chips, nuts, and cheerios or granola and yogurt or milk. 
  • stayed local for the first month in a long time! We did a zoo trip, lots of neighborhood walks, a first birthday party for our friend's daughter Natalie Rose at a fun drop in and play center, little interactions with our cute little neighbor Fiona (one of his favorite words), had a fun playdate with Isaac and family, a trip to Snoqualmie falls, and more. Being sick sort of slowed our family down a bit this month, but not too much!

helping Gramma do dishes

going to bed with the new baseball glove from Nathan

playing at Isaac's gravel pit

hanging with Dax (almost 6) at the zoo

chips and guar are a healthy dinner, right mom?

testing out eating at the kitchen island

Yom Kippur services

playing at the birthday party

with our friend Kaiden

Trying to mend our sickness with fresh Puget Sound air on Alki

Checking out the excavators at the soon to be new elementary school 

this photo makes me think he's leading a cooking show on tv. 

we live in such a gorgeous place!

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