Monday, September 22, 2014

Terrific Two! Two Years Old is Fun!

loves to eat salmon!

This month Micah:
  • Continued to speak in sentences. He has new vocabulary every day!
  • spent a few days saying "Shabbat Shalom" "Shalom Shabbat" to everyone. He picked it up from listening to one of our Elana Jagoda cd's in the car. 
  • practiced hopping and jumping every day
  • climbed up our step stool to help with everything on the kitchen counters. He helped Gramma with dishes, with baking, and more.
  • Spent days with Gramma Susan again since Mommy went back to work and Daddy was busy studying Spanish all day.
  • went to Alki Beach with Mommy, the Tacoma Childrens Museum with Mommy and Daddy (played at the water table with the toy animals the whole time), and to Edmonds for a day trip on Labor Day Weekend with Mommy, Daddy, and Gramma. 
  • went on a hike and saw lots of slugs!
  • spent a few days with his Great Gramma Lilly when she came to stay with us after a fall on her fishing boat in Alaska. (she's doing better and back home in Port Angeles). It was so sweet to hear her sing old diddies and interact with Micah. 
  • went to the his first fair! We took him to Puyallup for the Washington State Fair and he loved looking at all the animals and watching the Mutton Busting. Only two more years before he can enter! :-)
  • visited with our friends Jeff and Stephanie and met their weeks old baby Jenna!
  • played with old friends Ella, Liam, and Fin while the adults got back to watching football on tv!
  • went from showing lots of red on his chiropractic exams to being totally clear last check up!
  • Took one last plane trip to the Bay Area as a lap child (a.k.a. free seat!). He explored the S.F. Botanical Gardens, played at Nana and Papa's house, hung out with Nana while Mommy and Daddy and Papa went to the worst Giants game ever (17-0 Dodgers!), and then got to spend lots of time playing with his second cousins! 
  • has become more interested in being sung to (he requests Ba Ba Black Sheep lots). He likes dancing too (spinning around and around).
  • goes without anything at all for dinner many nights. Breakfast is his big meal of the day and loves daily cereal or granola and yogurt and whole bananas. He often snacks on bread or nuts later in the day and occasionally will eat something more substantial at lunch. Overall he eats a variety of foods and we aren't worried about it. 
  • started having night terrors where he wakes up around the same time each night and seems awake, but is inconsolable and actually still asleep. It has taken us about half an hour before each episode is over. I've done some research and they are likely hereditary (Phil had them too as a kid) and could be brought on by stress and unfamiliar situations (this last week has been super busy with school and lots of family and his birthday)
  • still loves trains and loved having a train themed second birthday party. We first had a family dinner for Phil's birthday, which is the day before Micah's and then had a fun birthday party at home with amazingly hot and sunny weather! 
  • Update: Just had his "well baby" checkup and he is 30 lbs and an inch and 1/4 short of 3 ft. tall! Everything else is doing great!
Mommy and Micah time on Alki Beach

exploring animals and water at the Tacoma Childrens Museum

this is what hiking looks like with a toddler

Got a few family dinners with Great Gramma Lilly

Time with Papa in Golden Gate Park

Exploring the S.F. Botanical Gardens with Nana

An early birthday celebration with Nana, Auntie Jen, Uncle Alan, and cousin Sarah

Playing with cousins (photo doesn't have Micah, but it was too cute not to share!)

Micah and cousin Lulu at brunch

cousins that sweep together stay together

Cutest Second cousins (sadly smiting three): Josie, Thomas, Ellie, Lulu, William, and Micah

Cheers with homemade popsicles 

visiting with cousin Sarah and Auntie Jen

I have quiet the silly boy

this big boy showers himself now

Big birthday present! A Train table!!!

Eating raisins at Kiddush club

playing soccer ball at Ercolini on his real birthday

fun at the fair

watching Mutton Bustin!

Loves hanging with baby friends! We got to meet little Jenna Morrison!

Love that I find him just reading to himself lots!

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