Monday, September 29, 2014

Noonday Collection: A Gorgeous Jewelry Company On a Mission To Do Good!

So I've never really been one for jewelry parties since I am never really in the market for any and I always feel so cheap/stingy/embarrassed when I leave the party after eating and drinking yummy food and visiting with friends and not contributing to the consumerism of the day.  I have found the most amazing and wonderful company that has completely changed my mind about jewelry parties! Actually they found me. My good friend Erin invited me over to her house this summer for a Noonday mimosa gathering and clothing swap. I think the clothing swap was Erin's idea and I'm so grateful since I totally scored! I brought a few things I was tired of and a few super cute dresses that reminded me too much of being super pregnant and I ended up with like seven new pieces of absolutely cute clothes! 

Dannie, Erin, and I with some of our great Noonday Collection necklaces! Photo courtesy of the fabulous Tristan Wit! He must learn from his amazing wife (of Abeille Photography)

The minute my mom and I arrived at Erin's and glanced at the jewelry, was the minute I knew I had a problem! I pined over almost every piece on the table! There we were greeted by Mackenzie Ellis, a fabulous Noonday ambassador. Mackenzie had us watch a video and gave us insight into the amazing and unique story of the origins of the company. The company began as a way for one family to fund their international adoption and has grown into a company that not only continues to assist other families in funding their adoptions with portions of proceeds, but it has also grown into a company that truly empowers small artisan groups, often women in dire or bleak situations,  to make a better life for themselves and their families. A group of women in one small village, whom had been sent to die of AIDS on a mountain, now have built a business through Noonday that gives them the finances to get the medications they need to almost rid themselves of the virus and thus bring their children back to live with them. This is just one of the many inspiring Noonday stories. Another one is that of a community where farmers collect old artillery shells in their fields and pass them off to a group of women who then turn the artillery into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Noonday is uplifting many communities like this across the world. They have expanded to groups in Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Nepal, Guatemala, Vietnam, Haiti, Bali, Rwanda, and even refugees in the US.

My only wondering about their ethical practices is the use of bone in some pieces. Of course they are all from animals that died of natural causes and nothing is black market or anything, but I wonder if even the safely found pieces with bone or ivory create more fuel for the black market and thus further endangering animals. Just my own personal reservation. 

In the end, I still walked away with an order of three fabulous necklaces. My girlfriends, Dannie and Erin and I all ended up with the same great ombre necklace. It's no wonder we get along great! I fell in lust with the paper beads and seeds and my mom got one of the armor necklaces that was so simple yet stunning.

If I had more time to explore other career options I would totally be convinced in becoming a Noonday ambassador.  If you are into stylish, chic, sustainable, empowering, jewelry with two great causes, check out Mackenzies site to get some of the most fabulous, conversation starting jewelry pieces you will ever own! Also, if you are in the process of adopting children internationally or even domestically, look into this company and I am certain someone will reach out to help you.

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