Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Lilah Meets Big Brother…and the rest of her family too!

A few weeks ago, I was given one of the biggest privileges in the world! My friend from work, Sarah, had asked me back in June if I would photograph her five year old son Dax meeting his new baby sister for the first time. After a decent amount of arm twisting on Sarah's part (um…hello! I am a hobby photographer and the type of photos Sarah wanted should be done by a pro, right? Talk about pressure, right?!), I was convinced that I was up for the task. While I definitely can see a lot of areas of growth for my photography, overall I was pleased with the outcome. It's tough to mess up a photo shoot when all people involved are adorable and charismatic or just a couple hours old! Highlights from the whole event were watching Sarah's parents in the waiting room (especially when Dain, Sarah's husband, came to show them the first photos of baby), seeing big brother Dax nonchalantly greet his new baby sister as if he's known her all along, seeing Dax's five year old excitement at his new lego set that was a present from the baby, watching Sarah's tears of joy as Dax and Lilah first interacted, and getting to witness three grandparents and a great aunt elated at the new arrival. Oh wait…how could I forget the biggest highlight of all…Lilah Kristen Lynn Peez! Sarah is the most patient, loving, relaxed educator, daughter, and parent. Dain is funny and kind too. Dax is energetic and loving and one of the most considerate and generous five year olds I've ever met. Lilah is definitely in good hands. I can't wait to spend more time with the Peez family as I am sure we are going to be life long friends. 

Sarah's parents in the waiting room viewing the first photos of Lilah

About an hour post planned C-Section…Mama and baby getting in snuggles

An excited big brother on his way in

Here she is!

new gifts for big brother and for baby sister

showing Lilah the card he wrote her

the cutest card from Dax to Lilah

Dain, the happy daddy

Cute shirts mom!

first big brother hold

This is Dax giggling at his little sister's little feet. I think it's my favorite photo!

The happy big brother

"Now Dax, is there someone you'd like to introduce us all to?" 

Sarah's beautiful and graceful and lovable mother with Lilah

Sarah's loving and extremely patient father with Lilah

The two sweetest Grandmothers

Showing Dad the new Legos

A little Mama Son time analyzing the new Lego set

She's a thinker already!

is there anything cuter?

Grandparents with both grandbabies

first pediatrician visit

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