Monday, September 8, 2014

Awesome Kids Day

As expected this event was so totally awesome. I volunteered to help with the Pathways Connect Group's booth. Pathway's Connect is a group of mostly like minded people hoping to raise their children in more natural and informed ways. 

Dr. Aaron Collins of Collins Chiropractic and his amazing marketing director, Hannah came up with the idea of Awesome Kids Day (and probably many more amazing people such as Dr. Collins' amazingly smart and beautiful wife) and partnered with the Burien Parks and Rec department to bring this FREE event to families. 

I don't know why I hadn't clued into that fact before the event, but it was so apparent once we were there that Awesome Kids Day wasn't just your average street festival. Usually you walk around festivals to people watch and if your lucky enough to have money you can buy good and fancy crafted things and then splurge on the kiddy rides by buying tickets. Not the case at Awesome Kids Day! Here you get to walk around and learn about all these great companies that can help enrich your families lives. The learning part was all free and many of the vendors gave out discounts or coupons just for attending. The coolest parts were all the free things for kids!  Bouncy houses, a bouncy obstacle course, a photo booth, face painting, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a balloon man, and all kinds of other free games and art opportunities for kids of all ages! 

The only suggestion I had for the organizing team afterwards was to include more healthy food vendors. The only food vendor there was selling amazing juice bar popsicles that I heard a few people raving about. One mom even said, "I was a little weary of the price, but OMG these are amazing!" 

Since we were one of the first families there, Micah scored a cool superhero style backpack. He had to leave for naptime so he missed out on the Recess Monkeys in concert, but it seemed to be a huge hit with the rest of the crowd. That's right... One of Seattle's most favorite and rocking kids bands since Raffi was there! 

setting up

goody bags for the first 500 guests or so

amazing raffle prizes!

great street art

Pre-event volunteer meeting/pump up session!

so much FREE fun!

I got to snuggle my friend Dannie's little Uriah for a bit too

Micah's first "face painting"!

His little doggie art

the fun free backpacks for kids


bouncy obstacle course

Micah wasn't too fond of one half, but loved the ending part

Micah was just a bit interested in the bouncy house, but didn't last long

look at that awesome photo booth on the left!

such a busy and fun day!

So fun to see former students having fun…all for FREE!!!

Another former student enjoying the day's event

Kids art at the B-Town Beat booth

more FREE face painting at the Natural Health Center booth

juice and popsicles

sensory tub action at this booth!

book making booth

The Recess Monkeys!

The weather couldn't have been hotter!

Kat, Aaron, & I at the Pathways booth. Photo by Abeille Photography

Such a fun one of me peeking at baby Uriah thanks to Abeille Photography

Another one of baby Uriah and I in the Pathways Booth thanks to Abeille Photography

Dannie of Abeille Photography snapped a cute one of Micah in the obstacle course

Cutest volunteer t-shirt, right!? Photo: Abeille Photography

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  1. Ali, thank you for this amazing recap of Awesome Kids Day! And thank you for volunteering to make it awesome :). We are so glad you had fun and Micah is always such a happy, joyful little guy...he must have some pretty terrific parents. Looking forward to another great event next year and so thankful for you!!


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