Thursday, August 21, 2014

23 Months: Summer Fun Part 2

I feel like Micah went from one of the largest months of development to one of the most laid back.

This month Micah has:

  • began speaking in sentences…a lot! Everything is "What's up there? What's in there? What is that?"He says "Mommy/Daddy/Gramma/Auntie Cassie/etc. do it" a lot. "Pick you up"(he repeats us when we say you as he hasn't advanced to the first person yet). "What the heck?" (oops!) "Micah go in there" "Micah digging a sandcastle" "ladybug tickle arm" (ok, so they aren't all sentences yet, but we have lots of related and I think somewhat impressive word strings). 
  • sometimes says a word out of the blue just to see what our reaction is or just to try to understand it. It's been pretty funny. Just yesterday in the car riding to Home Depot, he says "shabbat". No one had been talking about it, we went almost a week before to Shabbat in the park and to Tot Shabbat, so it was pretty funny!
  • practiced throwing balls, playing soccer, building Duplo Legos, playing in his new play kitchen, and doing lots of imaginative play with anything that he could put voice to it (like "hello frog" while holding a toy horse)
  • practiced climbing everything and jumping (almost there, but not quiet!)
  • spent a lot more time really truly helping his Gramma Susan bake. It is the cutest thing and kitchen/baking vocabulary is definitely his specialty. He already knows about measuring and flour and patting the dough and so much more. He also got to spend a ton more time with her since Mommy went back to work most days of the week and Gramma is still being our childcare. We are so grateful for her!!!
  • got a balloon from an well intentioned employee at the grocery store for throwing a four star tantrum. Luckily the balloon arrived right as we had gotten him calmed down, so the direct connection wasn't there. Otherwise we may have been ticked! 
  • spent a few consecutive days with just Daddy and Gramma since Mommy went to visit Nana and Papa on her own. Corduroy made the journey too and Micah loved looking at all the photos of his trip
  • went to his new friend Reece's safari themed backyard 2nd birthday party
  • explored downtown Seattle's waterfront area to play tourist with Mommy and Daddy one day
  • got to be babysat by his big cousin Julien since he can drive himself here now! Dad had school, Gramma was visiting her sister in Oregon, and Mommy had a dentist appointment, so Julien got to come hang out in the late morning before his nap. The two went to the park and played in the backyard and it sounds like they both really enjoyed it. We hope Julien will come play A LOT more soon! ;-)
  • made another couple Mommy/son trips to Coulon Park to the beach with Mommy's friend Stephanie and once with our friends from our Pathways Connect group. Micah just loves playing in the sand.
  • had a couple more chiropractic adjustments, since he took a few decent sized falls while running.
  • enjoyed his first concert: Casper Babypants at Hiawatha park. We picnicked with our friends Lucas, Lacie, Maeva, & Brooks. Micah was curious about the music and all the people, but was way more interested in the free cupcake we got
  • helped Gramma celebrate her birthday. Since Aunt Cassie flew in for the surrounding birthday days, Micah enjoyed good quality time with her too. They all did some baking and some grocery shopping and Micah wanted Auntie Cassie to do it (whatever he could think of) all the time. She got to help take care of Micah while I had an overnight work trip too
  • had a backyard camp out (that didn't last more than a couple hours, but was fun to read in the tent and make smores) 
  • went to Shabbat in the Park finally and played with some older kid friends from the Kiddush Club
  • had a playdate with coop preschool friends
  • explored Seward Park and Lincoln Park and Camp Long for hiking, climbing, and playing at different playgrounds
  • actually sat down at the library and did a puzzle!
  • had bedtime stories every night and read a bunch with Gramma, but definitely less this summer than in other seasons :-/
  • went to Snoqualmie Falls and to the train festival in Snoqualmie
  • visited the zoo several times. He is getting really close to being able to hold very detailed reflective conversations after a trip there. 
  • visited the dog park a couple times to try to get Charlie to lose some of his baby weight ;-)
  • spent Mommy's last day off of work at the zoo with our friends Krista and Isaac and Anna and the twin babies, William and Henry
  • slept in his bed all night the last two nights! The first night, Mommy slept with him in his bed a lot and the second one she had to wake up several times to calm him, but he did it!
Cordoroy's Trip to California

Getting good with Duplo Legos and fine motor skills

Safari gear from the birthday party and the balloon given for throwing a fit 

Reece's 2nd birthday

Hanging out

Loving his new kitchen thanks to the Bagocki's!

Yum! Second huge ice cream of summer…gotta love Husky Deli!

Getting very creative and working on problem solving

Caspar Babypants Concert

Very thoughtful especially when studying trains

In Snoqualmie

Had a great summer with this kid!

Cousin Julien babysitting!

ah summer, when you can have dirt all over your face and not think much about it

enjoying a snack at the zoo

Wish his friend Dax at Lincoln Park

Backyard camp out

Tourists in our own city

Baking Gramma's birthday cake with Aunt Cassie

hiking in Seward Park and being sillies

reading in the tent

Family camp out

Micah's first photo ever: Gramma at the West Seattle Brewery

lots of play time with his big brother. Charlie seems very amused.

passing on my soccer skills

the best of friends at the zoo

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