Monday, June 30, 2014

It's A Daddy Phase (at 21 Months)

Yes, we almost have a two year old on our hands and it really seems like it this month!
Hanging out at Lincoln Park

This month Micah:
  • Began speaking in short three word sentences. "Pick it up" "Come over here" "Go get it" and more. The vocabulary progression is just amazing. Phil and I and Micah's three grandparents are constantly looking at each other with raised eyebrows silently acknowledging a common, "Oh my gosh! Did he really just say that!?" He now asks us to help when he needs help. And he still says, "Hug" "Hugging" when he wants to be picked up and when he is tired or when he is scared of something. It's really the cutest thing and something I never want to forget.
  • played a lot in the backyard and a lot at the park with his Gramma and occasionally with his Daddy.
  • has been enjoying stroller rides more.
  • had his last days of his first pre-school class. He had a great time at Co-op thanks to Teacher Jane and Teacher Linda. We are hoping to be able to do Co-op one day a week again next year (since Micah is not quiet old enough to continue on in the two year old twice a week class)
  • ate a lot in the past weeks (a large variety of foods).
  • woke up earlier and earlier
  • stayed in a complete Daddy phase that makes it pretty emotionally tough on Mommy even though she tries to keep perspective that it's just a phase and that it is such a blessing that Phil and Micah can be so close. Each time Mommy attempts to do bedtime or bathtime or even just have him sit on her lap or carry him, he has mini temper tantrums wanting only Daddy.
  • continued to appreciate and love on his Gramma.
  • continued to fight bedtime every night regardless of if we tried earlier bedtime, later bedtime, stuffed animals at bedtime, mommy at bedtime, daddy at bedtime, more milk at bedtime, warmer milk at bedtime, etc. etc. We'll see if this trend continues once we return from vacation.
  • traveled to the Bay Area again for his Cousin Sarah's baby naming at Nana and Papas house. He played at Burton park more; spent time with his cousins Josie, Thomas, and William at the Bay Area Discovery Museum; spent time with Auntie Jen and Uncle Alan's family from Chicago; had breakfast out with Papa and Great Gramma Jacquie.
  • Celebrated his Daddy for our second Father's Day by exploring the low tide on Alki beach. We saw clam's spitting (or geoducs not sure), fish swimming, dead crabs (or their shedded skin), seaweed growing, and we walked so far out into the Sound! Micah has the best Daddy! Phil is so beyond wonderful with him.
  • Got a big boy bed (a Twin!) and helped decorate his bedroom to be transportation and construction themed. 
  • Met Anna & Ryan's newborn babies, William and Henry! Micah was so infatuated with them! I am impressed when he already seems to express a bit of empathy here and there like making sure someone was holding or watching the babies at all times. (Congrats to Anna & Ryan of course!)
  • Did another Tot Shabbat and another zoo trip or two
  • Ate his first smore at Krista, Peter, & Isaac's house
  • Became less interested in Charlie, our dog.
  • spent a lot of evenings with Gramma and Daddy while Mommy was busy at work doing report cards and end of the year Kindergarten Graduation things. 
  • did a little more drawing with crayons on a new easel and got a tool set to play with (thanks to Mommy packing up her Kindergarten class for a new job).
  • on his 21 month birthday got to fly again to the Bay Area and had so much fun with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew while Mommy and Daddy, Nana and Papa went to their friend Jamaica's wedding. While with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew, Micah got to try out a tricycle in a bike store and then had his Aunt and Uncle in tears they were laughing so hard at his "naked boy, naked boy, naked boy!" after his bath time.
In a Daddy phase…meaning he doesn't want anyone else to help him!

Cool kid on a neighborhood walk

Holding his own at Tot Shabbat

Playing with trucks and digging are his favorite things!

Always thinking of his Great-Papa Howard when in rose gardens

Being silly at the Woodland Park Zoo

Oh you know…just a big boy on his new big boy bed!

Almost as pretty as mommy! ;-)

Another day another flight!

In the Bay Area for Cousin Sarah's Baby Naming ceremony. Here with Auntie Jen and cousin Sarah and Mom.

On a walk with Aunt Cassie and Uncle Andrew in San Carlos.

Pretty much way biased to all the men in his family! 

THIS GUY! He seems two years old already!

He has a good sense of humor already.

Really into the whole independence thing already.

Playing at the Bay Area Discovery Museum with his cousins Josie, Thomas, and William.

Checking out the nearby splash park 

Meeting Anna & Ryan's newborn twin boys, William & Henry. Micah loves those babies!

Fathers day on Alki Beach.

Another day another flight! He had two big trips in the last month!

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