Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Twenty Months

This month I had every intention to jot down notes each day or each week when something cute or different happened, but alas time flies!
Our current "Cheese" face

This month Micah:

  • grew his vocabulary ten fold! He makes connections left and right and truly understands so much!
  • played in the backyard every day with some occasional trips to the park too.
  • climbed stairs all by himself without even using his hands to help.
  • has sometimes been easy to get in the stroller and sometimes throws a fit!
  • showed a lot of independence at preschool, barely checking in with Daddy or Gramma (they split the job now since Phil's class starts before Micah's ends). 
  • continued to go through phases of barely eating to eating a lot (like the other day when he basically ate three avocados in one sitting or when he eats two bananas at once).
  • seems like he knows which days are work days and which are weekends as he sleeps in when Mommy has to go to work and then gets up extra early on the weekend when she could sleep in! 
  • transitioned from a sweet Mommy phase to a Daddy phase again
  • started to really show admiration for his time spent with Gramma. He loves to play with her and especially loves watching her bake, looking at cookbooks, and talking with her about baking.
  • began (just this week) throwing near temper tantrums at bed time. It's exhausting!
  • helped Mommy celebrate her birthday
  • tried skipping a few naps
  • met his new cousin Sarah and flew to California with Mommy again. 
  • Spent a lot of time with Nana and Papa in California and at home
  • Spent Mother's Day weekend with his Mommy and both Gramma and Nana!
  • had so much fun surrounded by lots of friends at a BBQ in our new backyard!
  • has started to want to work on gross motor skills by tossing things and throwing balls.
  • has been showing interest in art: painting and coloring, and can sustain activity for a few minutes
  • loved trains, trucks, and "digging"!
Tetherball at Ava's sixth birthday party

Still sometimes a snuggly little baby boy

Loving more time with Nana and Papa

Helping Papa clean up the yard

On the way to the park with Papa and Great Gramma Jacquie

Just missing me…oops! Four generations minus one!

Micah has the most beautiful Nana! 

Trying to make up for the fact that I always end up getting Micah and Papa photos and not many of just Micah and Nana!

So curious about cousin Baby Sarah

Papa time at Burton Park in the City of Good Living

Splash Park!

Who needs a swim suit!?
working hard to entertain him on the flight home. Notice a theme for our interests right now?

I know it is blurry, but this iPhone photo was another awesome attempt at "Say Cheese!" "You have to look up and do it!"

Best Buds

Fun with preschool friends at our BBQ. Finally a "say cheese" that worked!

Mothers Day

Loves trying on Mommy and Daddy's shoes

Sometimes loves guacamole and avocados as much as Mommy!

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