Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Vintage Book Baby Shower

What does a Matron of Honor do for her Maid of Honor when she is pregnant? Throw her an awesome baby shower of course! And what better theme than a vintage book baby shower for a high school history teacher? I searched Pinterest for some ideas, which were super helpful and then basically I directed and my amazing mother executed! My mom sewed beautiful burlap and lace table settings, laminated old children's book pages into banners and bookmarks for guests, and she found the perfect centerpieces. We used mason jars for our yogurt bar and larger jars for the mimosa bar. And to end the perfect shower, we served a lemon bundt cake for dessert. My bestir is not quite the games type of mama to be, so we went light and just did two quick and easy shower games.

My grandmother and Great Aunt and Uncle live at an upscale Senior Living home. My gramma suggested renting out their "Room with a View" for the shower and at first I balked at the idea, like, yeah right! But, after a few minutes I thought…why not!? What a great way to have a thrifty shower that involves little clean up, a low cost affair, and yet could prove to be fancy and delightful after all! Sold! In the end it was a lot of work trying to cart everything in and needing to be uber organized, but it did turn out quite lovely. All the decorations completely changed the room and the view over Central Park, San Mateo was spectacular.

We did have donuts and meatballs, but I snapped the photo too soon!

We added the ranch dressing to the bell pepper and a few more fun details to our book themed food spread!

Yummy granola yogurt bar

ready for mimosas!

Ready for the rest of the gifts!

Bookmarks for guests (this photo was pre-signage. My cousin has amazing handwriting, so I waited for her arrival!)

The gorgeous place settings and centerpieces my mom made

the final food arrangement

yogurt bar!

book themed baby shower

yummy lemon bundt cake

Shower games

One of the many gifts that my mom made for baby girl

It was such a fun crowd!

See?! :-)

We can't wait to meet baby girl Seif!

Bookmarks: My mom, laminate, and an old children's book
Pennant Banners: My mom, laminate, and an old children's book
Pinwheels: Martha Stewart kit found at Paper Source
BABY letters: Paper Source
Old Globe: Borrowed from school
Chalkboards & straws: Michaels
Old Books: Consignment stores and a few on Amazon
Wire Rack frame, bird decor, and burlap pillow: Home Goods
Alphabet cards:  Bird in the Nest Consignment
Bundt Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake
Venue: The Stratford Room with A View

**Update! I meant to post this a month ago! Baby girl is here and doing well! I already got to go and help and meet her and so another Baby Seif post is coming soon!

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