Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Mommy Micah time galore! This spring break was one of the most relaxing since we did not travel anywhere! It was a true staycation since we stayed home and I got to "play" Stay at Home Mom! I got to do several mom and child playdates, went to Micah's co-op preschool and we made trips to the park, the library, and the grocery store. Of course with Phil's mostly flexible school schedule we got a lot of great family togetherness.
Uh oh…Daddy broke out his old trains!

So fascinated by Daddy's trains

Who was really having more fun here?? 

This kid!

We hosted our Evergreen Parent Baby friends for brunch and then a park playdate. So much fun!
The moms had fun too!

Micah and Phil joined me and my work friends on a walk around Greenlake to support the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation. 

McMicken friends coming together to celebrate the amazingness and courage that our little friend Alyssa is going through.

Micah and his Kiddush Club friends at the Temple Havdalah get together

First trip to the Dump was super exciting

A free trip to the model trains at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma thanks to the public library!

The sun came out for several Spring Break days just for us! Phil built our deck just in time!

Micah got to play at my Chiropractor's cute kid area while I met with our Pathways Connect group next door.

A lot of our break was spent looking at all the local "digging"

First time Mommy asked him to smile and say cheese that actually worked!

So thankful for a backyard that is starting to come together. Phil has done a ton of work on it already!
It wouldn't be a true spring break without a date day. Micah had his first non-family babysitter, which went well!


  1. The is a story about a fantastic and loving family. PS Micah is certainly photogenic. Time to get him an agent for his career..... Papa

  2. Love this! I never understood the point of a staycation before having kids. If I had time off, I was traveling!! Now I love staycations! My husband took off a week during my spring break and we did a lot of the same things you guys did. It was awesome! :)

  3. Agreed Dad!

    Thanks Julia! I'm so glad you got to enjoy in a similar way! So fun! We need to do a playdate soon! :-)

  4. What wonderful pictures and obviously a great spring break! Thanks for sharing this view into your life!


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