Saturday, April 19, 2014

Live it in a Day- Seattle

We love Seattle and it's surrounding areas. There are endless areas to explore within city limits along with endless day trips and weekend trips.  Here are a few of our favorite Seattle things to do.

Even though it's probably the number one tourist destination, Pikes Market is a must even for us locals.  It's not just for tourists like Pier 39 in San Francisco. It's actually a real functioning public market and has some of the best hole in the wall authentic ethnic eateries around.  Wander the halls and stores on the lower levels and across the street. Eat at Piroshky Piroshky... It is worth the long line and the line goes fast. If you are a good walker, you can walk from downtown to Pioneer Square and even to Seattle Center. 
One of my favorite drives that will soon be extinct, the Viaduct.

Phil and family and friends in front of our favorite Pikes Market destination

It's seriously worth the wait and the line moves fast!

The shopping area in Seattle on Pike and Pine is great, but you can go big box store shopping in any big city. Instead, go to Pioneer Square and do the Underground tour. It's funny and you learn about Seattle's seedy history too. Another option that is less unique, even more cheesy, and slightly embarrassing yet surprisingly fun and educational is the duck tour.

My beautiful sister in law enjoying a duck tour on Lake Union

In terms of neighborhoods to explore, my first favorite is Ballard. The Hiram Chittenden Locks are fun. Prime time to see the fish going up the fish ladders are late spring to early fall, yet the area is fun and pretty even when the fish aren't running. One of our favorite restaurants for brunch is the Portage Bay Cafe. They have three locations, one in Ballard, and serve fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. Ballard is also great for window shopping, great restaurants for lunch and dinner (our favorites are The Golden Beetle, La Carta de Oaxaca, SeƱor Moose, and Bastille), as well as "The scene" for night life and bars.

Our friend Steph and Jeff at the oh so yummy Portage Bay Cafe

One of Micah's first trips at the Ballard Locks

I couldn't write about Seattle without paying tribute to our home neighborhood of West Seattle (our second fav.). West Seattle has some of the best views of the city. Stop by Alki beach, the Alaska Junction for shopping and food. Husky Deli has the best ice cream, Circa (in the Admiral District) has the best burgers and pub food, and Zeeks (one of several locations) has the best pizza.

Alki Beach

Other neighborhoods to explore: Upper Queen Anne, Capitol Hill (we like 
Poquitos and Barrio), the U District (walk up and down "the Ave", check out the University Bookstore, and even walk around UW since it is a stunning campus), and Fremont (Theo chocolate has a factory tour, there are great pubs and bars, as well as the Fremont Brewing Co. Brewery).

Fremont Brewing Company

The food truck craze isn't just a Portlandia thing ;-)

In the summer it's fun to go swimming in either Greenlake or on Lake Washington (we like the Mount Baker Beach). The closest we get to swimming in the Puget Sound is the salt water Colman Pool at Lincoln Park.

Try to catch a sporting event since Seattle is all about their Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, Huskies, and the Supersonics (no they don't exist anymore, but Seattlites still rep them hard core!).

We have lots of fun museums like the MOHAI (which is a must do for history buffs like me), the EMP (also a must do for architecture freaks and music history nerds), and further north, but worth the drive the Boeing Factory Tour in Everett (yes, it's expensive, but I think it's well worth it!). The Space Needle can be fun, but I would go to the new Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum instead.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Friends at the Seattle Aquarium

A day at the new MOHAI 

I know I completely over did it and gave you way too many choices to fit into one day, but now you can pick and choose and tailor your trip to your own preferences. Please, if you are ever coming to Seattle, send me an email or comment here and I can help you plan your trip! :-) 

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